Tuesday, December 23, 2014

After Spewing False Narratives, The Media Channels Pontious Pilate

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Journalists appear to be at a crossroads. Do they search out the truth or do they just keep promoting lies? In recent years, it certainly appears they've decided to pursue the latter.

And I couldn't help coming to this conclusion with the AP announcing its top story of the year is the "hands-up" myth perpetuated during and after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. This followed four CNN hosts who put their hands up while on the air two weeks ago. One of the nitwit hosts actually said: "We want you to know that our hearts are out there marching with them." And these people call themselves journalists?

The media's failure to report the truth and being a government watchdog is not a new phenomena. Their sins of omission have been on display for quite some time now. We've seen it in their coverage of Pres. Obama, Obamacare, immigration issues and foreign policy especially anything having to do with Israel and terrorism. In fact, last summer I was compelled to write a piece entitled, "Somewhere In Hell, Josesph Goebbels Is Smiling." In it, I summarized the media's conspicuous bias against Israel.

But just as disturbing---especially in the current climate---it's MSNBC who still has Al Sharpton on its payroll. Several months ago, even David Zuwarick of the Baltimore Sun apparently had enough of MSNBC  himself when he wrote, "That's not a news channel...It's a propaganda machine." I had to follow that article with my own when I accused the network of being a "haven for lunatics."

In the past several years alone, the main stream media was shamed into finally running pieces about the Gosnell case in Philadelphia. Immediately following the Boston Marathon bombing, the media first speculated it had to be done by someone on the "right." Chris Mathews actually said, "Normally, domestic terrorists, people intend to be on the right." Of course, we know that most domestic terrorism has been coming from either Islamist or progressive lunatics. During the Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case, the media kept showing images of Martin much younger than he was at the time he was shot. We also found out later that NBC actually edited Zimmerman's 911 call. (NBC later apologized).

Even scandals such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare lies, the IRS etc., were all suppressed by the main stream media until public pressure---especially on social media--- mounted to such a degree they had no alternative but to report on those scandals.

Who can forget how the main stream media treated the Occupy Wall Street lunatics? They targeted the Tea Party as a bunch of "right-wing" fanatics even as violence was more prominent at OWS rallies and protests.

So it should surprise no one that the media keeps channeling Pontious Pilate when it comes to their own malfeasance.  But it's becoming increasingly clear---especially as we've witnessed in the last two months alone---journalism's reporting is now more about collusion and misrepresenting the facts---even when they themselves know the facts are false. In other words, they've been complicit in perpetuating deceit and lies. 

The good news, largely because of social media, the main stream media continues to be caught in their own web of lies and their sins of omission. The bad news? I don't think they give a shit anymore.