Monday, December 22, 2014

Progressive Rhetoric & Actions Submerging America Into A Bloody Hell

Al Sharpton may be an attention whore, but he has plenty of willing johns...David Burge Tweet

Last year after the NYC mayoral election, I predicted NYC would be plunging into progressive hell. Little did I know at that time how prescient I was. I made that claim essentially based on Mayor de Blasio's background. In short, his sympathies with Marxist ideology were (continue to be) well known. It didn't take long for Mayor de Blasio to begin his journey into the heart of darkness and take New Yorkers along for the ride. For example:
  • He invited Al Sharpton to a round table to discuss the NYPD  As an editorial in the NY Post described at the time, de Blasio gave this fake, phony and fraud a "platform to advance his views on how our police department should be policing." At the time, I also pointed out Sharpton's outstanding federal and state tax liabilities to the tune of several million dollars. But even more disturbing, Sharpton has a long history of leaving bodies in his wake.  In 1995, he led a protest at Freddies Fashion Mart that left 8 people dead. Most people already know his direct participation in the Tawana Brawley rape allegation hoax in 1987. And then there was the 2006 Duke Lacrosse rape hoax. More lies by Sharpton. This past weekend, after protests he led in NYC,  NYPD officers Rafael Romos and Wenjian Liu were assassinated while sitting in their patrol car.
  • After he was elected, de Blasio appointed his wife to a city position. She then appointed her own Chief of Staff---to the tune of $170K/year---who happened to be living with a scumbag who ranted regularly against police officers (FB posts). In addition, he had a conviction for manslaughter. Prior to working for the First Lady of NYC, she was one of the chief spokespersons for Al Sharpton. She also has a history of failing to pay her taxes.
  • Then there's the Speaker of NY City Council, a close confidante to Mayor de Blasio. At one time, she lobbied for the release of several Cuban intelligence agents convicted of spying on the United States. She also advocated for the release of the leader of the FALN, a Puerto Rican domestic terrorist group. This group set off over 120 bombs in the country most in New York City and Chicago from 1974 to 1983. Some of those bombings resulted in the death of innocent bystanders. In April of 1974, they set off 4 bombs in NYC within 40 minutes. Five people were injured in those bombings. In 1999, then Pres. Clinton offered clemency to 16 imprisoned FALN members.
  • Prior to the murder of the two NYPD police officers, a case can be made for both Mayor de Blasio and Al Sharpton lighting the fuse that led to the assassination of these officers. Just about a week ago, De Blasio admitted counseling his own son to be careful when dealing the police. This is an absurd comment considering his son should be wary of other black youth when it comes to being a victim of crime (the First Lady is black).
  • Sharpton and other punks led protests with many chanting death to the police. He already has a long history of throwing out the race card on the table when it comes to describing the police and the NYPD.  Last week, Mayor de Blasio met with the protesters instead of  several of his own NYPD officers who were attacked by a group of thugs. Those apprehended for allegedly attacking the officers are union members, teachers and one who works as a coordinator at a museum.
  • And just breaking today and as of now, De Blasio avoided meeting with the families of the executed police officers (recall, he met with protesters last week). Any wonder the NYPD turn their backs to him when he walked into a press briefing last Saturday in Brooklyn? He should have already done so.
  • NYC is submerging into progressive bloody hell. The concern should now be: Will the rest of America follow?