Monday, January 5, 2015

Mayor De Blasio: Respect + Trust Is A Two-Way Street

How to squander moral authority: Ferguson protesters disrupt, shut down town hall honoring 100 year old WW2 vet...David Burge commenting on a factual story.

Sometimes I even surprise myself at my own prescience. Since the election of Mayor de Blasio in NYC, I made several predictions about his progressive policies and the outcomes of those policies:

  • NYC will plunge into progressive hell (and why all of America should take notice).
  • NYC: Another petri dish for progressive policies.
  • Progressive rhetoric and actions submerging America (and NYC) into a bloody hell.
Let's examine the relationship between Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD for a moment. 

There's been some criticism of NYPD turning their backs to the mayor. One of the reasons the criticism is falling on deaf ears among most Americans is quite apparent-It was Mayor de Blasio who turned his back on the NYPD and the police for many years. His history of hostility and insults toward the police has never been a secret. In addition, it always comes around to the company he keeps.  For example:
  • When de Blasio was campaigning for mayor, a Kicy Motley was working on his campaign. A year earlier, she tweeted out: "F*ck The Police." She currently works for the mayor on community issues.
  • When de Blasio was a public advocate, he had a staff member who posted: "Kill The Police." That staff member resigned shortly thereafter.
  • He's confided in the race-baiting thug, Al Shartpon, on NYPD issues. In fact, de Blasio even invited Sharpton on the dais with NYPD Commissioner Bratton at a town hall meeting. Obama also invited Sharpton to the WH on at least 60 occasions.
  • De Blasio admitted indoctrinating his own son to be fearful of the police.
  • One of de Blasio's top advisers, Rachel Noerdlinger, was living with a felon. One of his crimes included homicide. But it didn't end there. The guy had a habit of making anti-police posts on his FB page. De Blasio knew of her relationship with the thug. Noerdlinger is now on leave of absence.
  • Just recently, Mayor de Blasio reappointed a judge who freed two punks who threatened NYPD officers. They made their threats few days after the murder of the two NYPD officers. She freed them without bail.
All of this and more should surprise no one. That's why the corrosive atmosphere in NYC should be warning sign to the rest of the nation. 

If you examine the crime rates of most American cities run by the progressive political elite, you come to only one conclusion: they don't put a high value on law and order. And by the progressive political elite, one must include the media. Since the Ferguson riots, they've been sympathetic to the punks not the police. They've been so sympathetic, they've even perpetuated myths such as "Hands-Up; Don't Shoot!" among many others.

Unfortunately, these are the role models held up by the progressives. The stupids among us always fall for it as evidenced by progressives being re-elected in most of those cities time and time again.

There's a more important lesson. As I've written in the past, the progressive political class will always reach for the lie first. They'll do it even if they have to use incendiary rhetoric. It's how they stay in power. Unfortunately for many Americans today, we find ourselves having to live with the consequences of such irresponsible leadership.