Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As Cartoonist Take On Islamist, The Leadership In The West Remains In Denial

John Kerry: We will never surrender our freedom of speech to these various people I would rather not name...David Burge Tweet

In March of 2012, I wrote a piece entitled: "French Appeasement Results In Innocents Being Murdered." I wrote the following:

  • "Let's be clear. France bought this upon themselves for their so-called 'tolerance policies.' ( I was referring to an Islamic fanatic who murdered a Jewish family and several French police officers). They have appeased Muslim fanatics for years...There are actual 'no-go zones' in Muslim communities where even French police fear to enter. You might recall, in 2005, French Muslims rioted and destroyed over 9,000 vehicles and several hundred buildings..."{note: this still goes on even today}. 
So I wasn't surprised with what happened in France earlier today. In fact, I expected it. I expected it because the leaders in the West---including our own---have for too long depended on appeasement while in denial about who and where the enemy is. As we all now know, the enemy is already within. Britain learned that lesson not too long ago when one of its soldiers was beheaded on a British street. They also learned that lesson in July of 2005 when terrorist bombed their public transport system. Spain learned the lesson in 2004 when their trains were bombed. Sydney learned that same lesson when a group of Islamist stormed a cafe and held customers hostage last month leaving three dead. And we learned that lesson on 9/11 as well as during the Boston Marathon.

We are currently living in a world where political correctness is murdering our citizens ( the Ft. Hood massacre comes immediately to mind). We are also living in a world where our leaders don't have the guts to be political incorrect. And we're left with cartoonist who appear to have the guts lacking in our own leadership. 

These cartoonist paid a high price today for their courage. Our own troops have paid a high price for their courage as well in taking on these modern-day savages. In fact, the West has become so warped in their political correctness, they take our own intelligence communities to task but our enemies? ---not so much.

Islamist terrorism today is just one of many perverse outcomes of political correctness. Not long ago, John Podhoretz wrote: "This is what it looks like in a vacuum: Slaughter, Mayhem and Chaos." In fact, our approach to combating terrorism has often been lowered to relying on meaningless hashtags coming from our leadership when a 50 cal between the eyes has always proven to be more effective.

I don't know when the West is going to learn its lessons, but it better be soon. Because perceived weakness of the West by our enemies will only invite more attacks in the future. Unfortunately, that's one bet where the odds are high in the favor of our enemies.