Thursday, January 8, 2015

While The Terrorists In France Attacked Free Speech, The Media Remains Lost In A Fantasy

"We need to stand up for the right to satire."-'edgy' late night talk show host too chickenshit to make an Obama joke...David Burge Tweet

  • Yes, indeed, the terrorist in France attacked free speech. And the media is now trying to convince us that they will defend free speech to the death. While some have---too many, especially in the American media---would not.
  • In fact, many media outlets (AP, The NY Daily News + others) were so outraged by the attack on Charlie Hebdo, they decided to run the satirical cartoons. JUST KIDDING. They censored the satirical cartoons as well. In other words, in pointing out the horror of the attacks on free speech, they decided to take the side of the Islamist. Their rationale for their gutlessness is not to offend Muslims. The reality is they are cowards and hypocrites.
  • These are many of the same cowards so offended by what the terrorist in France did earlier this week, they continue to use terms such as "militants" to describe Islamist. In fact, if we were able to eavesdrop on one of their editorial meetings, I'm confident you would hear something like this: "Hey, what do they have against us? We've been trying to convince our readership for years that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam."
  • The fact is the attacks in France and throughout the globe should have taught them no one is safe---even the pretenders in the media and entertainment.
  • The media and journalism today has largely failed in its mission to convey the truth. In many cases, they go as so far as to omit the truth. Their malfeasance is breathtaking. As I've written about in the past, one does not have to go further to prove this claim than by simply reviewing the coverage of the Obama administration and even Hillary Clinton.
  • And keep in mind, it's today's media that actually has a thug like Al Sharpton as a host on one of its networks.
  • This is the also same media and entertainment industry that's attacked Christians, the Tea Party and conservatives on a regular basis (recall the outrage they had against Sarah Palin?).  The media knows full well that Christians don't take AK-47's and start attacking news rooms for the sake of their "religion."  As the attacks in France proved, one can't say that about the "religion of peace." 
  • John Podhoretz writing today: "But for many people in the positions of power, it has proved dreadfully easy to remain lost in fantasy rather than to accept we are in an existential battle against the world's most evil men."
  • It's just unfortunate the media today doesn't understand--the truth is mightier than the sword.