Monday, December 26, 2011

How Did Jesus Do It?; NBA Started Its Season; The Religion of Peace Celebrates Christmas By Murdering Christians; George Will Hammers Newt; CNN Exaggerated or Bias Against Ron Paul?; Watch Out For The Gold Fleecers; Lady Ga Ga's Assistant Goes Ga Ga; Beyonce Out-Tweets Osama; Dumbass Quote of the Week Goes To...No, Not Slo Joe This Time

Venezuelan President Chavez called president Obama a clown and embarrassment. You don't talk about our president that way. Our vice president, sure, that would be fine.---Leno
  • The NBA started its season yesterday.  Yeh, so what else do you want me to say?
  • Have you ever wondered how a baby born in a manger---a horse trough--- of parents who were not well off have the ability to significantly affect humanity and civilization for over 2000 years. Just as fascinating--- Jesus managed to do this in only about 33 years. Just sayin'.

  • Ah, The Religion of Peace. How many times has that been used to describe Islam? Well, this religion displayed its peace loving principles by murdering at least 40 people in Nigeria as they were leaving midnight Christmas Mass. This attack comes a year after a series of Christmas Eve bombings last year that left over 30 dead and 75 wounded.
  • Current update on the Religion of Peace: Since 9/11, they've carried out over 18,000 terror attacks worldwide (The Religion of Peace: Islam---Making A True Difference In The World---One Body At A Time)
  • George Will, a nationally recognized conservative journalist and Pulitzer Prize recipient wrote about Gingrich this weekend: "Atop the Republican ticket, Gingrich would guarantee Barack Obama's re-election...Gingrich would have achieved something---wreckage, but something---proportional to is swollen sense of himself."---Ouch, Ouch, Ouch...
  • Last week, CNN made a federal case about Ron Paul storming out of an interview. I'm no fan of Ron Paul, but The Daily Mail {UK} is reporting today that he didn't have a fit like first reported. The interview actually was over, but CNN made it appear as if he stormed out of the interview. This news should surprise no one.
  • You're have a tough time financially. Like millions in the same boat today, you hear the ads about selling your gold for big bucks. Don't believe it.  The NY City Department of Consumer Affairs busted 300 of these shops for fleecing customers. Some of the violations included faulty scales, downgrading karats and not posting the daily value of gold. NY Post
  • Speaking of numbers, here are some you might find of interest. -21,000: That's the net worth the average US household lost this summer (mostly stock and reduced value of homes); 48% of Americans now fall into low-income or poverty since 2009; $6,000: median price of home in Detroit now.
  • Do you like to Tweet? You might be interested in knowing that Beyonce's announcement of her pregnancy out-Tweeted the death of Osama by almost a factor of 2-1 or almost 9,000 Tweets to about 5,000. NY Post

  • Lady Ga Ga's former assistant, Jennifer O'Neill,  is suing the singer for back pay. She's also accusing Ga Ga of mistreatment. According to her, the assistant catered to Ga Ga's every whim, 24/7. Daily Telegraph {UK}. Really what did the assistant expect working for someone dressed like a piece sirloin steak?
  • Well, it appears that our president said something really dumb last week. President Obama on his accomplishments: "I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president---with the possible exception of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln..." I would have expected Slo Joe Biden to have said that.