Friday, February 3, 2012

Trump's Endorsement of Romney: It's Only Trump Endorsing Himself; 8.3% Unemployment: Good or Bad News?; Those Poor Safety-Nets Romney Referenced; Eric Holder = Sgt. Shultz; Media Again Fails To Report The Full Story

A woman in Illinois is auctioning off a 2005 Chrysler that once belonged to Pres. Obama. You can tell it was Obama's car because it gets off to a fast start and then stalls for the next three years...Fallon

  • Yesterday the news about Trump's endorsing Romney had not broken before I published my opinion on the endorsement (there were still rumors that Trump would jump to Newt). I also wrote whatever Trump does, it's still only about him. He's a genius at marketing himself.  I still contend the endorsement means nothing. In fact, polls show that about 65% of Americans feel as I do. The only criticism I have is with Romney. He's been pummeled in the last few weeks because of his wealth and the tax issues surrounding his wealth. Because of that, if I had been Romney, I would not have Trump anywhere near me. Trump reinforces the "rich" boy criticism of Romney.

  • And if you really don't like any of these candidates, there is good news: Roseanne Barr is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.

  • The good news is that unemployment dropped to 8.3%. The bad news is that a record 1.2 million people fell out of the labor force in one month. Labor force participation fell to a record 30 year low. So the "stupids" will be proclaiming how good this development is while not realizing the decline was a result of people who had been unable to find jobs and now just stopped looking. And there were 1.2 million of those people---IN ONE MONTH. So are you happy now? And one could make a case that the number is bogus anyway.
  • Although Romney took some heat for his statement about the poor (which, as I showed on this blog yesterday, was taken way out of context), he's actually given more charitable contributions to the poor than most politicians.  By comparison, he's given more to charity than Slo Joe Biden by a factor of 10,000 dollars to Biden's whopping $1 dollar bill. He's outpaced the Obama's by a huge margin too. In fact, he's given more to charity than most politicians.
  • And regarding those "safety nets" he said the poor have anyway (which he also got some heat for), how many do you think there are? There are at least 15 including Housing Vouchers, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, State Child Health Insurance Programs, Free or Reduced School Breakfast and Lunch Programs, Earned Income Tax Credit and more. In other words, he was right. USA Today

  • Remember Sgt. Shultz of "Hogan Heroes" fame? His tag line was always, "I know nothing." That's precisely what our incompetent Attorney General, Eric Holder, said to House Committee yesterday investigating the Fast and Furious scandal. This guy is an embarrassment to this great nation. He might be one of the biggest dummies we've ever had in such a high position in government with the exception of Slo Joe Biden. But at least Slo Joe can be clown at times. Holder can be dangerous.
  • "Global Warming Update"---Snow fell in Rome for the first time in 26 years.  The extreme cold weather's death toll now stands at 150 in Europe. From Poland to the Balkans, temps dropped to almost -30 degrees below zero.(Mail UK)
  • Europe only needs a $1.3 trillion bailout.
  • Do you recall the story about the Afghan husband and wife who murdered their two daughters and another female friend because they didn't like the women being westernized? (I wrote about it several days ago; I think as my "Religion of Peace Update."). Bill O'Reilly's piece today shows that 1) much of the mainstream media ignored the story and 2) those that did report on it, did not mention the family is Muslim.