Thursday, November 5, 2015

Republicans + Conservatives Win Big And You Can Hear Hillary Clinton Weeping

You can tell an election is approaching when you finally start seeing yard signs, lively debates, bumper sticks, Hillary talking to blacks...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

The Republican  and conservative wins last Tuesday were so widespread even the media presstitutes couldn't avoid reporting on them. These included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Republicans held every single seat in Virginia. 
  • Doobie legislation failed miserably in Ohio.
  • The San Francisco Sheriff who defended the city's "sanctuary city" policy was smoked.
However, the victory that shook even the Republican elite establishment occurred in Kentucky. It was in Bluegrass State that two conservatives won. Matt Bevin, the underdog according to most polls, hammered Jack Conway, a social and fiscal progressive. Bevin will only be the second Republican governor in Kentucky in the last 40 years to hold that office.  

But there's even larger story. Janean Hampton will be the state's first female African-American to hold the position of Lieutenant Governor. In fact, she was the first black to be elected to statewide office in Kentucky. She, like Bevin, also identify with the Tea Party movement. Hampton is a firm believer in limited government. She grew up poor but managed to  climb out of inner-city Detroit. She's also happens to be an Air Force veteran who served in Desert Storm. Her credentials are impeccable. 

Like several of the current GOP candidates running for president, both Bevin and Hampton are political outsiders. Kentucky may just prove to be the forerunner to the 2016 elections. In addition, Republicans now hold 32 governorships and well as holding a majority of state legislator seats. They won landslides in the last two mid-term elections.The last time Republicans held this much power was almost 100 years ago.

Unfortunately---at least on the federal level---the Republican Party has proven to be more of a mirage than a real opposition party. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be in 2016. But one fact is certain: You can hear Hillary Clinton weeping.