Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Great American City Plunges Farther Into Progressive Hell

It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled...Mark Twain

Last year, I warned New Yorkers and the nation to watch what will go on in New York City after progressive (and some believe Marxist)  De Blasio was elected mayor. I cautioned that NYC would be another petri dish for progressive policies. New Yorkers watched as De Blasio allowed the race-baiting hoaxer and alleged million dollar tax evader-Al Sharpton-to be an adviser to the NYPD. In fact, De Blasio actually invited Sharpton on the dais with NYPD Commish William Bratton.  Sharpton was invited to speak about "policing." This came shortly after the death of Eric Garner. 

This is the same De Blasio who had a campaign aid who Tweeted out "F*ck the Police." She was last working for De Blasio on community issues. This is the same De Blasio who counseled his son to be fearful of the police. (Any wonder the anti-police protest took place in NYC last week---a week after another NYPD officer was shot in the head by a scumbag? That NYPD officer was the 4th murdered in the last 11 months). This is the same mayor who had an adviser who was living with a felon---a felon who regularly wrote anti-police rants on his FB page. There are countless examples of these type of "f*uck You's" to New Yorkers and to Americans as well. After all, NYC is the largest city in America. One cannot disconnect the two. The same can be said for its politics.

Unfortunately, that petri dish is now brimming with bacteria. Law enforcement sources told the NY Post yesterday murder rates have skyrocketed 350% over the same period in 2014. Rapes have also increased. (Overall crime has decreased by 3%). 

Homelessness has become a more serious problem in NYC since De Blasio was elected. In addition, De Blasio's head of homelessness operation resigned. She criticized him for not paying enough attention to the issue. According to sources, he only met with her two times from January to May of this year for a total of 55 minutes. The former nun was a veteran of five NYC administrations. She resigned in frustration.

Perhaps De Blasio's lack of attention to these issues should surprise no one since he's been traveling outside of the city more often than previous mayors.  This "globe trotting" mayor visited England, Italy, Puerto Rico (twice) , Paris, and Israel in just over a year. During the same period, he also traveled to Chicago, Atlantic City, Boston (twice), Iowa, California, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  Quite a few of his personal travel trips were on weekdays. The NY Post also reports many of these trips were for his left-wing pet projects. Much of the cost of these trips have been picked up by taxpayers. 

Perhaps New Yorkers are lucky. As one former donor to De Blasio---who plans on running against De Blasio in 2017--- said, "The real problem is how poorly he performs when he's in NY City." 

It's also one of the reasons why I generally don't take Mr. Obama to task for taking so many vacations. During his absence, the nation is often much better off.