Monday, November 2, 2015

It's Time We Say "No!" To The Progressive Political Class

Lois Lerner would've done more jail time if she made a crappy YouTube video...Razor's Tweet

Last week I wrote that the Republican Party is no longer the opposition party.  Since that was posted, we had another Republican debate. The good news is many of those candidates running for office finally said "No!" to the media---the voices for the progressive political class. So there just might be some hope for the Republican Party after all.

But let's pray it's not too late. They should have said "No!" more often. If they did, perhaps we wouldn't find our nation in the precarious state of affairs it's in right now. So when should they have said "No!"?  Some examples:

  • No to the Iran Deal---one of this administration's biggest blunders---even bigger than releasing 5 Taliban combatant terrorists.
  • To the budget deal that increases spending by at least $80 billion.
  • To an economic policy that has left almost 94 million Americans out of the workforce.
  • To an economic policy that has plunged 45 million Americans into poverty.
  • To the despicable treatment of some of our allies including Israel.
  • To an administration and Democrat Party that shoves aside our Constitution for purely political purposes.
  • To ObamaCare.
  • To sanctuary cities.
  • To amnesty for illegal immigrants.
  • To the continued mistreatment of many of our veterans who use the VA medical facilities.
  • To a foreign policy that has left much of the world no longer respecting us. More disturbing---they no longer fear us.
  • To any discussions about overturning the Second Amendment.
  • To the media and progressive political class that keeps perpetuating false narratives. Ferguson comes immediately to mind. In addition, perpetuating false narratives about most of our police officers.
  • To accusations of perpetuating a war on women, a war on minorities, etc.
  • To absurd political correctness when it comes to defining who our enemies are---the Islamist terrorists.
  • To political corruption.
These are but a few of many examples illustrating it's time to say "No!" to warped and toxic policies that have inflicted serious wounds upon our nation---wounds that will last generations.

Just say "NO!" Let's start now. It's not as painful as many would like us to believe. In fact, we'll find it inspiring and even uplifting.

Postscript:  Since this was posted, we witnessed the Benghazi Report, Comey's Report and WikiLeaks.  SAY NO!!!