Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Special Edition: Occupy Wall Street's Hypocrisy and Violent Behavior

The Onion's take on what  Occupy Wall Street Protesters Demand: "European Style Socialist State So We Can Enjoy The Same Economic Prosperity They Do."

I decided to do a Special Edition covering Occupy Wall Street's history in photos and images. It's said a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll keep this short. The following images will give you a snapshot of the Occupy movement. Keep in mind, much of the media and many progressive politicians have shown support for these nitwits, thugs, and cowards in the past year (look it up. I'm too busy to reference it for you right now). Many of the images are from Oakland and San Francisco, CA, Seattle, NY, Denver and other major cities. And, yes, I've witnessed this nonsense myself. Keep this in mind: they damage the environment. They hurt the 99%, the very people they claim to support. And in many Occupy locations there's been criminal acts such rapes (including gang rapes), thefts, assaults, lewd acts (in at least one case in front of children), public urination and defecation, harassing local residents and businesses and vandalism. ("Occupy Wall Street Consumed By Crime Wave," Yahoo News. Occupy Wall Street's Criminal Rap Sheet can also be seen on

Do the following images represent everyone in the Occupy movement? No, they do not. I've personally had some discussions and debates with some good people, albeit misguided in my opinion. However, I contend if your movement is infected with so many nitwits, thugs and cowards, I have to question the overall credibility of the movement. Moreover, if these people believe it's so bad in this greatest nation on God's green earth, then I would advise them to visit places like Pakistan, the Sudan, Somalia, Haiti, and countless other nations. Then come back here and tell us how bad it is here.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." Pres. John F. Kennedy

Now, go take a shower.