Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama Should Follow SEAL Team Tradition: Heroes Don't Brag---Zeroes Do; Whining Occupiers End With A Whimper; Newt To Bow Out; Why Did The Media Bury This Story; Mathews and His Man-Crush On Obama Continues

President Obama has revealed his new re-election slogan---"Forward." That's a good message for Obama. He's telling voters, "Whatever you do, don't look back at all those campaign promises I made."...Leno

  • In our lifetime have you ever witnessed an administration that keeps dropping the silver platter handed to them so often? Or, for anyone who does not understand that metaphor, how about one you will: This crew of incompetents can f**k up a wet dream. This administration reminds me a lot of Jimmy Carter. Jimbo started out with a lot of promise but ended  up a loser (an even worse ex-president).
  • After bin-Laden was sent to meet his 72 virgins, the entire nation was unified in the success and outcome of that operation. From all political sides, Pres. Obama got the credit he deserved (Yes, even on this blog. I've written that I support the many things he's done with the War on Terror. There is no doubt; the man likes to pull the trigger). But what does he do with all that good-will? He decides to keep dancing in the end zone like one of the many dufis NFL players who don't quite seem to understand it's about the "team" not one person.
  • Let me be clear. I don't have a problem with him visiting the troops in Afghanistan yesterday even though, as senator, he was a critic of the military. Nevertheless, I believe it was the right thing to do (some critics still contend it was a political prop). The timing was suspect but that's the role of the Commander in Chief (it was his first in 17 months). He gets a pass from me on that one. In addition, his speech was pretty good in my opinion.

  •  It's what he and his surrogates did to the ramp up to this Afghanistan visit. For example, Slo Joe Biden's absurd claim that "We can't say for certain what Governor Romney would have done." Or Bill Clinton's drive-by at Romney also implying Romney might not have given the "Go" for the operation. Or Obama's counterterroism adviser, John Brennan, who said at a press briefing on Monday that Obama made "one of the gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory." (Brennan needs to get a brain scan to see if some dementia is setting in).
  • As one commentator said this week---a certain degree of modesty is called for. But this president and his administration lack modesty.  They didn't realize after the SEALs killed Osama, it was all of America dancing in the end zone, not only Obama. In other words, heroes don't brag; zeroes do.

  • By the way, Chris Mathews can also be counted on for making at least one dumbass statement each week. He did it again yesterday in covering the president's trip to Afghanistan. He likened Pres. Obama to Henry V. Mathews said of the trip, "It was right out of Henry V actually..." I had a hint the statement was probably as stupid as his statement several years ago proclaiming listening to Obama speak gave him a "tingle" down his leg. I did a little research on old Henry. In short, Henry V was a certified warrior not a community organizer.
  • Pres. Obama has yet to utter one word or phrase. That word is "victory." That phrase is: "We won the wars."

  • In Philadelphia, it was reported about 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters marched in the streets.  In NYC, it was reported there were "scattered" demonstrations.  Some had signs that said, "F**k the police."  One observer remarked he saw a protester complaining about not having a job. She was wearing a tee shirt with the word "nympho" on it (When I saw that I thought to myself: I'd like to make an appointment to review her resume). The largest protests took place in San Francisco and Seattle where the Occupy misfits, thugs, felons and coward just managed to damage a lot of property. Almost all agreed, the May Day celebrations by Occupy were a bust. USA TODAY/NY Post
  • To all those people who voted for Obama and Biden in 2008, do you ever ask yourself: What the f**k have I done?"
  • There was some good economic news yesterday---thank God. Manufacturing expanded in April at its quickest pace in 10 months. That's good news for a struggling economy.
  • Newt is expected to bow out today. That's also good news in my opinion. I would rather he throw darts at Obama instead of Romney. The guy is good at talking. He can be very useful to the Romney campaign.
  • The Virginia-Pilot reported on a story of about 100 black youths who attacked a white couple in Norfolk, VA, a few weeks ago. Just wondering: how many of you knew about that story? Hey, just askin'.