Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SEALs To Obama Campaign: Stop Exploiting Us For Political Gain!; Obama's New Campaign Slogan: FORWARD!; Occupy Thugs Doing Their Thing Again

We're learning more and more about the Secret Service scandal. The prostitutes in Columbia even had code names for the different agents they were seeing. The guy who wanted to keep putting off paying? His nickname was Obama...Leno

  • When was the last time you or anyone else heard of any operator coming out of the shadows to criticize an incumbent's political campaign? The answer is probably never. Until this week. Current and former SEAL team operators came out this week in response to the Obama campaign's use of their killing bin-Laden for political gain. Ryan Zinke, a former SEAL Team 6 commander said the decision to go after and kill bin-Laden was a "no brainer." He added the Obama administration is exploiting the operation for his re-election bid. And unidentified current-serving SEAL team member said, "...But the more he {Oama} tries to take credit for it, the more the ground operators are saying, 'Come on, man! It really didn't matter who was president. At the end of the day, they were going to go.'" (Folks, I can assure you, this SEAL team member was speaking for the entire team. They operate as a team. This was not some guy going off the reservation on his own. The SEALs are telling this administration and the campaign---shut it down now!)  UK Mail
  • It was ironic to hear Bill Clinton coming to Obama's defense when it was the Clinton administration who was offered bin-Laden by Sudan in 1996 and turned their offer down.
  • SEALs spent most of their careers in the shadows and this bungling administration continues to shine a light on them. I have to believe, as evidenced by what some other team members have said, they are pi$$ed off big time at the yo-yo's in the White House. Even more disturbing, shining a light on these heroes can put their lives at risk and can put the lives of their families at risk. If you ever want more evidence of how dysfunctional and incompetent this administration is---you have a classic example with this news. And if you want to know what special operators want us to think---read the caption below the image above. It says it all.

  • We also need these guys more than ever now. Seized al-Qaeda documents clearly reveal these murdering thugs are not through with planning their own operations. They are calling the documents a "roadmap" for future al-Qaeda operations that include seizing cruise ships and more suicide bombing attacks including on aircraft. CNN

  • However, there is good news. Because if al-Qaeda plans on striking us yet again, the guys and gals above will be waiting to send them to Allah.

  • The Obama campaign unveiled a new slogan. It's simple and to the point and delusional: FORWARD!!! It's actually very similar to a knee-pad's media slogan, MSNBC's "Lean Forward." But the irony in using this slogan is so friggin delicious, I can't help myself.  Do they really want us to believe in moving FORWARD when we've moved BACKWARD with the jobless rate, the absurd government spending, the unsustainable national debt, the number of Americans who are now poor and on food stamps (record numbers) and more? They either have a big set on them or they're really, really stupid. I'm going with stupid since stupid is in their DNA.  For example, they always look backward because they keep blaming Bush for everything.
  • USA TODAY reported health care costs are up 6.2% to an annual cost of almost $12 grand. In case you need a reminder, ObamaCare was suppose to reduce health care costs.

  • Well, it didn't take long for the Occupy anarchists to cause trouble and damage. News reports out of San Francisco (where else) reports store fronts and car windows were smashed earlier this morning. Atlantic Wire
  • Also, Cleveland news is reporting five anarchists have been arrested for planning to blow up a bridge.
  • Do you recall how the media attacked the Tea Party folks? Where are they when it comes to their own acting violently? I say "their own," because the evidence---in their own words---is that they sympathized with these Occupy thugs as they demeaned the Tea Party.
  • The good news is that there is rain on the East Coast. Not good weather for the Occupy crowd since they try to avoid any kind of water including bath water.
  • While I'm on the Occupiers, have you noticed something missing from the reporting on the Middle East? I haven't heard the term"Arab Spring" used that much by the media and administration even though---it's Spring. Perhaps they've even learned: it was a myth a along.