Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama Campaign's Desperation and Diversitions Continue; May Day: An Occupy Wall Street Holiday; Some Free Advice For College Students; Do Wind Farms Cause Global Warming?; Media PA Honored Returning Veterans

Major breaking news story in The Onion today. This headline summarizes the piece very well: "Report: Typical City Bus Contains No Fewer Than Four Erections At Any Given Time."

  • As the controversy continues surrounding the Obama campaign's use of the whacking of bin-Laden for purely political gain, I listened to two speeches today. One was George W. Bush's speech to the nation after our troops caught Saddam Hussein. Throughout that entire speech, Bush praised our troops and the intelligence agencies for their work in capturing that prick. That clip was followed by Pres. Obama's speech to the nation following the SEALs taking bin-Laden out.  While he did praise others, the entire speech was littered with "I directed Leon Panetta,"  "I met repeatedly with..," "...I determined that..," "Today, at my direction..;" "Over the years, I repeatedly made clear..;" "I, as Commander in Chief,..." I, I, I, I... It's clear from that speech, he probably believed he two-tapped bin-Laden. As his campaign evokes the killing of bin-Laden, he directly contradicted his previous claim that he would not "spike the football" as a result of bin-Laden's death at the hands of the Navy SEALs. What makes the campaign's use of this shameless propaganda even more disturbing is that there was no need to do it. Most Americans, including moi, were thrilled that he gave the "go" to whack bin-Laden. Just as most Americans were satisfied with him giving the go-ahead to take out those Somali pirates months earlier. In other words, there's no need to keep dancing in the end zone. It's over. The prick is dead. You did what your were suppose to do as Commander in Chief, and what any other Commander in Chief---including Romney if he had been sitting in the Oval Office---would have done. Now, go back to the locker room and strategize for the next terrorist thug to take out instead of trying to take out your political opponent with a cheap shot---a diversionary tactic that will not work in my opinion.
  • Hey, it's almost impossible to go a few days without Slo Joe Biden making an ass out of himself. He did it again. He spoke at a campaign event in DC for Turkish and Azerbaijani donors late last week. He didn't get much of a response from the audience, so, Joe being Slo Joe, had to say something. He said this: "...I might add. The dullest audience I have ever spoken to." No Joe, you happen to be the dullest man on earth. That's the problem. With all due respect, you also might be the biggest dummy on the planet too.

  • You may already heard that Occupy Wall Street is planning to hold protest on Tuesday, May 1st. Early reports from many sources are saying Occupy plans on a huge protest shutting down cities including shutting down bridges and tunnels in NYC and San Francisco. May Day or Workers Day has historically been used by Communist, Marxists and Socialists all over the world to proclaim the greatness of Communism. Since many of these misfits are Commies, it makes sense they would pick May Day (thank God it's not May 5, Cinco De Mayo).  As much as I despise Commies, I kinda like watching all of lunatics protesting and having a good time destroying property and causing mayhem. It's a chance for many to see what knuckleheads these people are. As I write this, there is news the some OWS dummies were arrested in NYC last week for squatting inside a Brooklyn home for five months.  They had promised to renovate the home and move in a homeless family. But, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. So all these thugs did was cause so much damage; it will take over $12 grand in renovations to fix the place up. In fact, the 99% has to clean up their mess as usual. NY Post

  • If you a student preparing to attend college or in college right now and you want to avoid huge student loan debt, here's some advice: Don't major in history, art, dance, liberal arts, philosophy, gender studies and all that nonsense. If you do, you will be in debt for the rest of your lives because you will never have a decent paying job. And, yes, the president does have a plan to help students with debt but the lower rates would only apply to NEW LOANS. Moreover, colleges and universities know all this. It's why they want you to continue on in graduate school. The longer you hang around; the more money they make off you knowing full well you're degree will be worthless. That's why it's one of the biggest scams perpetuated on people living in America today. As of this reporting, outstanding student debt now stands at over $1 trillion. That's more than people owe on their credit cards (Currently 37 million adults owe student debt and only 39% are actually paying down balances. Of those, almost 6 million have past due loans...Glenn Reynolds, University of Tenn.)
  • Trivia Break: According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 69% of adults are overweight or obese.

  • Al Gore and his band of cultists is not going to be pleased with the current report coming out of The State University of NY Albany. In their study of wind farms in Texas, they found a warming trend around wind farms compared to regions surrounding the wind farms that don't use wind power. By the way, has anyone seen that fake, phony and fraud anywhere? I think he's been in hiding since much of his work has been discredited.
  • While we're on energy, you know the world is going to hell when NYC decided to start using taxi cabs that will be in a lime-green color instead of yellow. As one Twitter tweeted, "Or as it's more commonly known: bile." Mark Harris
  • And we might as well stay with NYC. A NYC councileman had to fire one of his staff. Nothing really new there except for one little, tinsy, winsy problem. The NY Post found out this thug's history. In 2005, he tried to torch an Army recruiting station in The Bronx because he was against the war in Iraq. I always find it interesting how many anti-war, pro-peace folks resort to violence---many do and have. Just ask Pres. Obama's buddies.

  • Did you know that the FBI, US attorneys, the Securities and Exchange Commission and several congressional committees have been investigating Jon Corzine and MF Global? Yet, most of the news media has blacked the story out. Could it be that he's raised over $500 grand for the Obama campaign? Hey, just askin'.

  • I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the Welcome Home 2012 parade and events in Media, PA, this past Saturday honoring our returning veterans. Several thousand people lined the streets welcoming home our warriors. In addition to the parade, there was a job and career fair offered for veterans.  Kudos to Media for an outstanding event. Please visit Dedicated to Heroes for more event coverage at