Thursday, May 3, 2012

Obama Campaign's Biggest Diversion Yet: Afghanistan; Myth of Arab Spring Continues: Israel Call Up Its Reserves; Congress Puts Heat on Eric Holder; Homeland Security Knucklehead; Parakeet Returns Home

"Romney Courts Hispanic Vote With Animated Sombrero Wearing Parrot." Onion headline

  • For an administration and country that has not paid that much attention to Afghanistan in the last 3 years(Under Pres. Obama, U.S. military deaths more than doubled in Afghanistan.  Where are the daily body counts in the media? Where are the anti-war fake, phony and frauds? None to be found. None to be seen), the Obama campaign made up for it in the last two weeks. Several weeks ago, I wrote about all the diversionary tactics the Obama administration and campaign (keep in mind: they are one in the same) used to divert our attention from the poor handling of the economy to their dismal handling of foreign affairs. If you recall, the took on a "big dog," the Catholic Church. However, that backfired because people of all faiths also felt they were under attack. Then came the alleged "war on women" by Republicans. That had legs (no pun intended) for less than a heartbeat. So they look around for another convenient diversion or target and guess what? It's the one-year anniversary of the whacking of Osama. Jackpot! So they thought until, as always, they overplayed their hand by taking a tad too much credit for the operation that the tactic even angered current and former Navy SEALs. Oh, but that didn't stop them. Now comes word that documents found in bin-Laden's Pakistan hideout are being dumped into the public domain today. How convenient!

  • Referencing the fake, phony and fraud anti-war crowd, really---where are they? When Pres. Obama was senator, he demigoded against every George W. Bush was doing in the War on Terror from being opposed to Gitmo, the Patriot Act, the Surge, Rendition, Iraq, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. Yet, and I've given him credit for this, he's retained most of those same anti-terror policies..

  • All of these diversions and more (throw in the Occupy misfits into the mix) are used because they work.  Why do they work? I wonder how many Americans know that May's job  numbers, as surveyed by the payroll giant, ADP, showed a dismal 119,000 jobs were added in April. Consider this. In the last 11 quarters, Obama's economic recovery has created about 4 million jobs. The economy grew by about 7% during this period. In order to get back to the job growth under George W. in 2005-2007, it will require a creation of almost 15 million jobs in today's terms (JP Morgan). By comparison, during the Reagan recovery, the economy grew 18% and almost 10 million jobs were created during Reagan's first 11 quarters.
  • Jobless claims did drop last week from the previous week, but previous week's first time jobless claims were revised---UP from 388,000 to 392,000. The revisions---which almost always go up---are rarely reported.

  • The Myth of the Arab Spring continues. The Times of Israel is reporting that Israel is calling up its reserves because of the tension and growing threat on the Syrian and Egyptian borders.

  • It appears the House Oversight Committee is all but fed up with Eric Holder's stonewalling about the Fast and Furious scandal. Committee Chair, Darrel Issa has taken the first formal step in holding Holder in contempt. Daily Caller
  • Several editions ago, I wrote that heroes don't brag; zeroes do with regard to the Obama campaign's continued celebration over the anniversary of bin-Laden's killing by our SEAL team. Well, it appears many veterans feel the same way. Vets for America reminded the Obama campaign that "Heroes Don't Spike The Football." They also added, "And heroes don't publicize their acts of valor."
  • As some of my readers know, I dedicate another blog to the military, vets, law enforcement and firefighters, so it pains me a little to bash someone in Homeland Security. But all organizations have a few knuckleheads and Homeland Security is no exception. A special advisor to Homeland Security head, Napolitano, did something very stupid and ironic. He tweeted his support for the Occupy May Day protests. He certainly has a right to do that, but his judgement is suspect considering associates of Occupy were busted for trying to blow up a bridge in Cleveland. It's also sadly ironic considering Homeland Security's main job is to keep us safe from terrorists, and this jerk praised a group that planned a terrorist activity. But this incident should not surprise anyone. Before this dummy worked for Homeland Security, he worked on the 2008 Obama campaign and represented SEIU.

  • There is some good news. Piko-chan is a parakeet in Japan. He decided to fly the coop. After enjoying his cage break, he took a rest on someone's shoulder. The good Samaritan handed the con over to the police, Piko-chan actually told the police his home address. He was returned safely to his owner and cage.