Thursday, December 22, 2011

Payroll Tax Reporting and Conspicuous Media Bias; Ron Paul: Man Up!; It Looks More Like Romney; Insanity Continues South Of The Border; Even Goofy Matt Damon Angry At Obama; ObamaCare Still Not Living Up To Expectations Set By Obama; Kudos to Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock and Other Hollywood Stars

"Office Pool's Low Number Of Bracket Printouts A Reminder Of How Many Employees Were Laid Off Last Year."---From The Onion's Sports Issue

  • If you read the headlines in the news in the last several weeks, you would think the Republicans are against the extension of the payroll tax cut. For example, on CNN, the headline is: "House GOP Relents On Payroll Tax Cut Deal." Folks---the Republicans want the payroll tax extension for ONE YEAR not a stinking two months. They did relent to the Democrats on a two month deal, but the media wants the public to think they are against the extension of the payroll tax. The truth is---they want it for a longer period than do the Democrats. This type of dishonest reporting should tick everyone off.
  • Ron Paul is taking some heat for newsletters he wrote in the 1990's that appear to be overtly racist. Yo Ron, when you have newsletters entitled, "The Ron Paul Political Report" and "The Ron Paul Survival Report," who wrote those---Santa Claus? It would be like me disavowing calling Joe Biden "Slo Joe" or Pelosi a "dummy." I wrote it. I own it. Man up!
  • Perhaps having a long campaign season is good. With this stuff coming out about Ron Paul, regardless of what happens in Iowa (a state I am convinced does not exist. We only hear about it every four years. It's an illusion), I'm now convinced Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate. Former Pres. George H. W. Bush endorsed Romney today.
  • The insanity continues in Mexico. The entire police department of Veracrux, Mexico, was dissolved, according to news reports today. It appears the department is so corrupt, all 800 police officers and 300 administrators were let go. Any chance we can do that with our own Congress? Just askin'.
  • Goofy Matt Damon is one of the biggest supporters of Obama---or he was. He said, "A one term president with some balls who actually got some stuff done, would have been, in the long run for the country, much better." He added he was disappointed with Mr. Obama's ability to "get stuff done." Hollywood Reporter
  • While we're on Hollywood, I know I take a lot of shots at the nitwits who make a living making movies. But, when they do good, even I have to acknowledge it. For example, Jim Carrey donated a mil to 9/11 families.  Tom Cruise departs with a lot of his dough helping others. He recently helped a small rural school in New Zealand. Brad Pitt and my girl, Angelina, have given millions to charity. Sandra Bullock donated a mil to the Red Cross Relief Fund. Kirk Douglas donated a million bucks to his alma mater for minority scholarships. Denzel a cool $5 million to a church in L.A. Kid Rock regularly donates a lot of cash to families of military personnel.  Sean Connery donated over a million to the Scottish International Education Trust.  David Geffen donated $200 million to UCLA's Medical School. Kudos to many in Hollywood. Cindy Adams
  • ObamaCare does not appear to be working, at least on some promised levels. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported premiums increased by 9% this year, three time more than the previous year's increase (remember, it was sold as lowering costs). It has also already reduced health insurance choices. And the Congressional Budget Office reported it will add $1.30 trillion to the national debt over the first seven years the bill is implemented. To date, every promise made by the administration about this bill---has been broken.
  • In case you have not heard yet, Johnson and Johnson recalled 12 million bottles of Motrin. The recall includes the Motrin IB 24-count coated caplets. So check you med cabinet now. Huffington Post