Monday, June 18, 2012

Reagan Didn't Whine About Inheriting A Mess; Obama's Progressive Harvard Prof Wants Obama Defeated; Dream Act Could Have Been Passed If...; Hollywood's Lunacy & Conspicuous Hypocrisy; A Public Pension Disaster is Coming; "Person of Interest" Computer is True

Teen Who Cleaned Up Party Before Parents' Arrival Totally Forgot About The Overdosed Kid On The Dining Room Table...Onion's Local News

  • As I've written about on several occasions, the one conspicuous area where I believe Pres. Obama lacks leadership is his constant blaming and whining. I know many Americans agree, because it's become a running joke. In fact, Obama is not the only president in American history who "inherited" serious problems.  One can argue that Reagan inherited an economy from Carter that was in worse shape than the one Obama inherited from Bush. When Reagan took office, he faced double-digit inflation and unemployment was over 7%. In addition, Reagan inherited the foreign policy problems created by the Carter administration, the most striking being Iran. After the death of FDR, Pres. Truman inherited WWII. I'd say that's a pretty big problem to inherit. Nixon inherited Vietnam from Johnson (and Andrew Johnson inherited the mess after the Civil War after Lincoln was assassinated). You get the picture. Pres. Obama was not the first to inherit problems from his predecessor nor will he be the last. And if he loses in November, Romney will be left with a lot of cleaning up to do from the mess Obama leaves behind.
  • Roberto Unger taught Obama at Harvard.  He taught Obama about "reinventing democracy" (a code most Socialist like to use). In 2008, he was an advisor to the Obama campaign. Today he's saying, "President Obama must be defeated in the coming election. He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States." That's right. Prof. Unger does not believe Pres. Obama is Leftist enough. In particular, Prof. Unger targets Obama's coziness with moneyed interests at the expense of leaving "workers and home owners to their own devices." How bad is it when you're a Lefty and even the Left does not like your policies? UK Mail

  • I took a look at Marco Rubio's experience. He has more than Obama had when he was running for president. Rubio served in the Florida House for 8 years. He was Florida House Speaker for two years. And he's been a U.S. Senator since 2011.  And he's only 41 years of age. Rubio, by the way, has been working on his version of the Dream Act. However, he wanted it done the right way---by legislative action not by skirting Congress. According to his spokesperson, Rubio is considering whether to the legislation at this point.

  • Regarding the president's order on young illegal immigrants, his surrogates are going around saying that Republicans did not support the Dream Act. It's true. They didn't in 2000 (five Democrats voted against it. When proposed again in 2007, 10 Republicans supported it. And Pres. George W. Bush supported comprehensive immigration reform). But when Obama and the Dems had full control of Congress for his first two years as president, he could have had the Dream Act passed. Yet, he and the Dems chose to spend those first two years on other issues like ObamaCare. So the excuse that Republican partianship got in the way is a flat out not true.
  • By the way, regarding Obama's Dream Act order, how will the government be able to tell an illegal immigrant has been here for five years? Will they just believe what the individual tells them. "Oh, yes sir, my parents brought be here in 2006." How do you know when they sneaked across the border? Hey, just askin'. It's why we need legislation not an order from the White House.

  • Andrea Peyser in the NY Post today about HBO's showing of George W. Bush's decapitated head: "It's Hollywood. The spiritual home of Hugo Chavez-loving traitor Sean Penn and Bush hating leftist Susan Sarandan has spoken in typical fashion. This is the place where Alec Baldwin once 'joked' about stoning to death the late Republican Rep. Henry Hyde, his wife and kids. And where Roseann Barr said she'd bring back the guillotine to behead bankers...This is where pothead Bill Maher, who calls Sarah Palin an unprintable word (starts with C)...And the administration tacitly excused his misogyny by taking his dough ($1 million)...Had the dismembered likeness of President Obama been dramatically displayed, it would have sparked outrage, investigation and front-page coverage in the New York Times. But this was Bush..." (I wrote almost the same sentence yesterday). And I might add, Maher attacked Mormons again. He's a flat out bigot.

  • Did you know while Congress was questioning JP Morgan's CEO Dimond last week about $2 billion trading loss (of investor's money not taxpayer's money), they didn't ask him bout the $4 trillion pension disaster retirees will experience very soon? Yes, nationwide the unfunded public pension system is almost $4 trillion in the hole. Charles Garsparino of Fox Business reminds his readers for New York alone to get out of that hole the state would have to cut spending by 12.2% and raise taxes on everyone by 7.4%. In NJ, it's even worse. To cover public employee pensions, the state would have to cut spending by 30% and raise taxes by 17.2%---and those are just two states.
  • If you want some idea why Germany is tired of helping to bail out the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain), look at it this way. Imagine your living next to a neighbor who parties all the time, rarely works and cares less about keeping up his property. You, on the other hand, work hard and maintain your property. Your neighbor gets in trouble financially and wants the neighborhood to help bail him out. That's the way Germany looks at the situation. And guess who pays at the back-end? Not the PIGS. The people of Germany who will be strapped with higher taxes because the PIGS don't want to give up their party lifestyle.

  • "Person of Interest," a TV show I like, is about a computer that can predict the victims and perpetrators of crime. What you might not know---it's true. The National Security Agency is currently building such a computer and data processing center. How will it be used?---to watch almost everything we do on on email, on our cell phones and our web browsing. Does that alarm you? Well, if it does---it's too late to worry about it because a program already exists---since the 1960's---that does much of the same. Google ECHELON.