Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is Eric Holder Hiding? Why Executive Privilege?; Job Market Stinks; Generation Z is Broke; W. Virginia Tells Obama To Shove It; Yoko Ono: Still A Dingbat

Actually, Obama's staff is a little concerned (about Obama playing so much golf---more than Tiger Woods in the last 4 years). They are concerned all his golf is cutting in to his fundraising...Leno

  • As I've written before, I'm not a student of Constitutional Law. The president's exerting his power of executive privilege will have to be hammered out by the courts ("Executive Privilege is not explicit in the Constitution but the Supreme Court ruled it's an element of the Separation of Powers doctrine. In addition, Nixon, Clinton and Bush 2 exerted the privilege). But when any president asserts his executive power, questions must be raised as they were under the other presidents. For example, Holder testified that Pres. Obama was not involved in "Fast & Furious." So why assert a privilege when the executive branch was not allegedly involved? It was also reported the president has never seen any of these documents. And more importantly, what is Eric Holder hiding?
  • And I can't help but think this is not good for Obama. The last thing the Obama campaign needs 5 months prior to an election is more controversy. But then the thought hit me as I've written about so often before: could all of this just be another diversion considering Obama's record---overall---sucks big time.

  • In 2007, on CNN, Obama himself said Executive Privilege is not a good reason to withhold information from Congress. This administration also promised to be the most transparent administration ever. My, have things changed since Obama ran for president five years ago. Moreover, this comes on the heels of Pres. Obama's order last week on giving amnesty to young illegal immigrants.

  • Speaking of Obama's order last week, a Bloomberg Poll found 64% of Americans AGREE with Obama's decision. That really does not surprise me. No, not because there are so many stupid people in America (although it's one reason). The real reasons are: 1-most Americans can empathize with young illegals who were brought here by their parents. I understand that as well. It's why I support some reasonable form of a Dream Act as long as it's legislated, not mandated by a president. And 2-American students are no longer taught Civics in most schools. Many of the 64% just don't know the president skirted Congress with his executive order. Many don't also realize his order was purely political knowing full well most of illegal immigrants---especially Latino---will vote for him.

  • Once again, the job market is not good for job seekers.  The Labor Department reported yesterday that the number of available jobs dropped by 325,000 in April alone to 3.4 million (folks, there's 330 million of us living in this great nation). How bad is that drop? This bad: it was the biggest single-month drop since September of 2008. So how many of you out there still believe the economy and the job market is improving?
  • Generation Z (this current generation) is worried about their own finances. No surprise there considering many have not been able to find work in the last 3 years. No, what's more revealing is that their average savings account holds a whopping $300.00. USA TODAY
  • Rutgers University found 61% of students say it will be difficult to find a job this year. That's up 3 percentage points in just 2 years.  And Rutgers found of 444 graduates who received degrees from 2006 to 2001 only 51% are working full-time. In fact, Morley Winograd (author of books on this generation) found, "The economic situation (of young adults) is completely parallel and analogous to the (Depression Era) GI generation---raised in relative affluence, and then, just as they are to start in that affluent world, it all comes crashing down."

  • So my question to all those Gen Z who supported and support Obama: is this the change you expected? Oh, yes, one more thing. Obama's Dream order last week? You're gonna have almost a million more people competing with you for jobs (but forget they are all illegal and your American citizens---how's that for change?)
  • But 3 high profile Democrats appear to have had enough. Gov.Tomblin, Sen. Manchin and Rep. Rahall of W. Va. announced they will NOT be attending the Democrat convention. Why? They've had it with the Obama administration bashing W. Virginia over coal and energy policy.
  • As Mayor Bloomberg worries about such things as the size of sodas, the amount of salt in food and the amount of calories in food, under his tenure---crime in New York has risen 4%. In fact, the increase in every borough is the first increase in the last 20 years. That 4% includes major felonies. NY Post

  • Yoko Ono is still a dingbat. Here's another reason. She's having yet another one of her really stupid art exhibits. In one, she actually has three piles of dirt on the floor (above). That's it. That's suppose to be art. In another, she has an apple resting on a plexiglass box. Gee, this "genius" really puts in a lot of thought and work into her art. Memo to Young Starving Artists: Don't lose any sleep. Just throw any crap together and call it art. You'll be fine (and marrying a rich man or woman would help---perceived greatness just seems to appear out of thin air after someone marries someone else with a lot of money).