Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Did Obama Know & When Did He Know It?; Fast & Furious: Now The Knee-Pad Media Cannot Ignore it; Latinos: Where Is Your Outrage?; Manufacturing Jobs Sector Lowest in 11 Months; Hollwyood Worried About Fundraising Backlash; Dumbass Quote of the Day

President Obama let certain illegal immigrants but there is an age requirement. You have to be old enough to vote by November...Leno

  • Yesterday, regarding Fast and Furious, I started out by asking, "What is Holder hiding?" Since that question was raised, more important questions have subsequently been raised. The infamous Watergate question was raised: What did Obama know and when did he know it? It's an obvious question to now ask because it bleeds from yet another question: Why did the president invoke executive privilege if he knew nothing about it? These questions lead us to two possible outcomes. As John  Podhoretz pointed out today, the privilege was claimed to delay the release of information until AFTER the November election. And, the White House and the president were more involved than previously thought.
  • And all of this still leads to my initial question: What are they hiding?
  • And for those who say this is a witch hunt, you need to be reminded that this scandal was initiated by a whistleblower within the ATF who was fired for blowing the whistle.

  • The one good outcome of all of this is that the knee-pad media is finally covering the story. If executive privilege had not been claimed, most Americans would still believe this was about the move, "Fast and Furious." Some probably still believe that. By the way, with the exception of CBS and FOX News, most of the knee-pad media failed to cover this story in the last year. In fact, NBC mentioned it for the first time within the last week.
  • By the way, Congress has every right to investigate this scandal because it oversees the budget of the Department of Justice and is responsible for confirming the position of Attorney General.
  • You are also reminded that Pres. Obama himself made a pledge in 2008 to run the most transparent administration in history.

  • Memo to Latinos: Where are you on this scandal? Where is your outrage?  Where is La Raza (your suppose to be the organization that is so friggin concerned about the rights of Latinos, so where are you?) Over 45,000 Mexicans have already died in this drug war in the last six years. It is estimated several hundred Mexicans were killed with guns that "walked" from the Fast and Furious operation. And many of those guns were found at over 170 crimes scenes.

  • With all of this going on and with the state of the economy, can someone tell me please why so many still support this administration and why so many still believe this crew in the White House is so damn smart?
  • The government reported today that manufacturing jobs showed their slowest pace in 11 months. And last week's unemployment claims were revised up again to 389,000 from 386,000 (they are always revised up). This week's came in at 387,000 and will be revised up again. (CNBC)
  • The Business Roundtable is also reporting that fewer CEO's plan to hire in the next six months. And RIM, the company that makes BlackBerry plans on laying off more employees. Last July, they cut 2,000.

  • Let's go to some good news. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting today that the nitwits in Hollywood are actually growing more concerned of a backlash because of Obama's many Hollywood fundraisers. Some in Hollywood are actually feeling like they are being "used." Join the club nitwits.
  • Wow, Gallup is reporting Obama's daily tracking of his job approval is down to 43%.

  • And how can we not report on the Dumbass Quote of the Day by a real, hard-core dumbass---Nancy Pelosi. She actually said Holder is being targeted because he's going after voter suppression. Nancy, you mean how he went after the Black Panthers who threatened voters in Philadelphia outside a voting area in 2008? Is that what you mean? Yeh, they suppressed votes and he let them walk.