Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama's Transparency Myth; Brian Terry's Murder Should Make Every American Furious; Gay Activists Flip Reagan The Finger; Rockets Just Keep Raining on Israel

It was 100 degrees in NY City. It was so hot Eric Holder was selling water guns to Mexican drug gangs...Leno

  • All you need to know about Pres. Obama's 2008 pledge his administration would be the most transparent administration ever is to look at the image above.

  • And this is for the president's press secretary who blanked on the name of the border patrol agent that was murdered by one of the Fast & Furious guns we lost track of in Mexico: The name of the agent is Brian Terry. That's him above.

  • For those not familiar with Fast and Furious. ATF released about 2000 guns to Mexican drug cartels. The aim was to track gun-trafficking patterns. In short, ATF lost track of those firearms. In 2011, Eric Holder, AG, claimed he heard about the operation "in just the last few weeks." That claim was proven false when uncovered memos showed otherwise.  In addition, the Obama administration also had to retract the claim that the operation began under the Bush administration. In other words, Eric Holder and the Justice Department have had a hard time keeping their story straight.
  • Yet, as the Obama administration stonewalls on releasing more Fast and Furious information, they don't have a hard time releasing and leaking sensitive intelligence information. As a political cartoon today shows Obama sitting behind his desk with his executive privilege order on his desk. He's speaking to Holder and the bubble over Obama's head says: "We only release classified information that makes me look good...And only to the liberal press." Touche!!!

  • Pres. Obama invited a group of gay activists from Philadelphia to the White House yesterday. During their visit, several took photos of themselves flipping the bird at the portrait of Ronald Reagan. Keep in mind these are the very same people who preach tolerance and diversity. Perhaps this should not surprise anyone. After all, Newsweek proclaimed Obama as our first gay president last month. Equally disturbing is how openly disrespectful that person is in the photo above.

  • Speaking of tolerance, how much more tolerant can most Americans be with this administration anyway? In addition to the Fast and Furious scandal and the claim of Executive Privilege, yesterday we had more bad economic news about employment. We had bad news about housing starts. The Federal Reserve came out with bad news cutting their estimates of economic growth. Manufacturing shrank.  And, at the end of the day, about 10 major banks were downgraded by Moody. Oh yes, the Stock Market took another nose dive too.

  • I've often written that media in the bias is not always about what they say or write, sometimes it's about what they don't report. You may recall during the Iraq War while George W. Bush was still president, every major network actually tracked milestones or death counts. It was largely done to make the Bush administration look bad. When we reached 2000 death in Iraq, all the major networks had a field day reporting on that unfortunate milestone. But do you know, we've reached 2000 American deaths in Afghanistan?

  • You ever wonder if Americans even know that rockets rain on Israel almost every day? In one period in 2011, when there was suppose to be a cease fire between Israel and Hamas, nearly 300 rockets were fired on Israel from Gaza. And just last Tuesday, Hamas launched 40 missiles on Israel and mortar shells. Fortunately, Israel's casualties are usually low because they have a very good early warning system.