Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why Every American Needs To Know About Fast & Furious; The Myth of the Arab Spring; What You Need to Know About the Muslim Brotherhood; 73% of Independents Oppose ObamaCare

A House committee is recommending that Attorney General Eric Holder be cited for contempt Of  Congress. Now, don't confuse that for what you and I have. Contempt FOR Congress...Leno

  • "Fast and Furious" should concern every American (One more time as a primer: ATF knowingly sold weapons to members of Mexican drug cartels from Sept. 2009 to January 2011. Those weapons were suppose to be tracked and traced. The Justice Department and ATF lost track of those weapons. The Republicans did not blow the whistle on the failed operation. ATF special agent John Dodson did).  It's an important issue because of a set of multiple events that run counter to the very core of American values.

  • Most important and most disturbing is that two American law enforcement officers lost their lives as a result of the operation. They were killed with two of the weapons ATF failed to track. One, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (image above), was killed in a shootout with a Mexican gang of smugglers on Dec. 15, 2010.  Terry served in the Marine Corps and was a police officer in Lincoln Park, MI., prior to joining the Border Patrol.

  • Just a few months later, ICE agent, Jaime Zapata (image above) was murdered by drug cartel members in Mexico. The gun that killed him was also traced to the batch of about 2000 weapons that ATF lost.
  • The House Oversight Committee is charged with trying to find out who authorized the operation. Yes, the Committee Chair, Rep. Darrell Issa, is a Republican. But that should not make any difference to those who believe this is a political witch hunt. Quite frankly, if a Republican was president and the Attorney General was a Republican, the outrage would be the same or even more extreme (by the way, the Bush-era operation was similar. It was called Operation Wide Receiver. And there were big differences. It was done with the full cooperation of the Mexican government. It was kept secret. When the implanting of tracking devices on the weapons didn't work---the operation was cancelled). As stated above, an ATF agent blew the whistle on the failed operation. The House Oversight Committee had no choice but to investigate the matter.  Note: CNN just reported Fast and Furious started under Bush, but failed to give the viewers the rest of the story. Reporting at its worst. It wasn't even called Fast and Furious under Bush. Bunch of putzes.
  • In addition, some believe Fast and Furious was undertaken to undermine gun-rights in the United States. It's only speculation. But it's another reason Congress needs to see all the documents related to this failed and tragic operation.

  • Those of you who read The Political War Zone on a regular basis know that I've never believed in the "Arab Spring." It's a myth created by the knee-pad media. Readers also know I (as well as many others) warned the danger of Islamists taking over in Egypt as they've done in so many other countries. That fear was born out today as The Muslim Brotherhood won the election in Egypt squeaking out a victory over the former Prime Minister under Mubarak who was ousted with our help.

  • It's important you know who the Muslim Brother is. Their motto to this day says this: "God is our objective. Quran is our law. The prophet is our leader. Jihad is our way. And death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations." The Muslim Brotherhood has history of bombings and assassination attempts. Documents released in 1991 show that the Muslim Brotherhood engaged in counter-espionage activities in the United States. Even today, the Muslim Brotherhood has been banned as a terrorist organization. Newsweek magazine did a piece showing connections between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda. Financial Times reported on financial links between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.
  • Whatever the decision of the Supreme Court is this week regarding ObamaCare, one recent finding is not good for Obama. The most recent Reuters Poll is reporting that 73% of Independents are opposed to ObamaCare. And I'm convinced this election will be decided by Independents.
  • Creepy News: The Obama campaign is actually asking donors to give to his campaign rather than to give birthday, anniversay or wedding presents. Have you ever seen any political campaign get so creepy and low rent?