Monday, June 25, 2012

Supreme Court Rules On Immigration; Obama & Republicans To Have Busy Week: Buckle Up The Firestorm Is About To Begin; Romney Needs To Make His Move; Vegas Oddsmaker Picks Romney To Win; Pelosi's Conspicuous Hypocrisy

...The Obama campaign spent more money than they raised in May. They spent more money than they raised? Well, that's being called a Democrat..Leno

  • Buckle up folks. It's going to be an interesting week. It's believed the Supreme Court will make a decision regarding ObamaCare and immigration enforcement. With ObamaCare everyone is awaiting a decision on the mandate that everyone must buy health insurance. With immigration, the issue is whether states---like Arizona---can enforce laws against illegal immigrants or whether that power rests exclusively with the feds. Get ready for some firestorms regardless of the outcome.

  • Breaking News Now: The Supreme Court upheld parts of the Arizona Law. I've not had a chance to read it yet. It appears the "heart" of the Arizona law has been struck down. Meaning the feds are responsible for immigration law.

  • Several weeks ago, I wrote that Romney needs to start laying out his vision for the country. While I believe he's been running a relatively good campaign, it's time to put the hammer down (the Obama campaign has screwed up so much in the last month, it's probably been a good strategy to get out of the way. However, it's time now, in my opinion, to start taking advantage of the Obama administration's conspicuous failures). As Peggy Noonan, former speech writer for Reagan, wrote: "He {Romney} has to tell Americans why they can believe in him..." Noonan gets it.
  • I also think Romney needs to set out a clear message regarding his foreign policy objectives especially with what his going on in the Middle East now and even Mexico.
  • This takes on added significance with a recent poll by AP that reports 1 in 4 Americans are still undecided.

  • A close friend of mine alerted me to a piece by a Vegas oddsmaker, Wayne Allan Root, whose made a pretty good argument on why the odds favor Romney over Obama. For example, he's pointed out Obama's black support has fallen by 8 points.  Jewish support has fallen by 18.  That youth vote Obama got in 2008? Well, Root points out correctly many have graduated from college and 1 in 2 can't find a job. Obama received a majority of the Catholic vote. With the attack on religious freedom, as perceived by many Catholics, that vote will certainly take a dive. Small business owners are not happy. Veteran support is up from 2008 when McCain won the group by 10 points, but Romney has vets by 24 now. And perhaps one of the biggest losers for Obama: suburban moms. The bad economy has hit them hard. Wishful thinking? Who knows? I'll go with Yogi Berra's famous quote: "It ain't over till it's over."

  • How many times does Nancy Pelosi not only say the dumbest things in the world, but also exhibit such conspicuous hypocrisy. In 2010, she publicly rebuked Charlie Rangel on the House floor because Charlie was in violation of 11 ethics rules. Rangel was censured (he should have been arrested). It was the first time in 30 years a House member was censured.  Last week, she supported him for re-election. As I've written so often friends: it's all smoke and mirrors on Capitol Hill.
  • Speaking of fake, phony and crooks in Congress, it's not much better in local governments, especially in New Jersey. No wonder it's called the "Soprano State." In just the last several years, mayors of at least 16 cities in New Jersey have been taken down because of corruption, bribes and being under the control of the mob. It's not small cities either. The cities include Atlantic City (no surprise there), Newark, Hoboken, Perth Amboy, W. New York, Passaic and Paterson just to name a few. As the reporter from the New York Post who wrote the piece "Real Mayors of New Jersey" said: "Throw a stone across the river, and you're bound to hit a politician on the take."

  • But New Yorkers shouldn't feel that good about their politicians either. Charles Barron is a member of New York City Council since 2001. He's running again. This guy was elected to New York's City Council even though he compared Israel's blockade of Gaza to Nazi death camps (just as a reminder. Hamas rains rockets and bombs into Israel from Gaza almost every day. In one six-month period in 2011, they fired off 300.  And just this past Tuesday, they fired over 40 missiles into Israel). He also calls the Pledge of Allegiance a "lie."  He's a former member of the Black Panther Party. He supported Khadafy and Mugabe, both homicidal maniac dictators.  You get the picture; he's a creep. But he did get an endorsement last week from non other than David Duke, the former KKK head honcho. Duke likes Barron's position on Israel. NY Post and Wikipedia
  • Guess whose economy is better than ours?---Iraq. Their GDP is smoking at about 12% (ours is about 2). And ten major foreign investors are in the country now S. Korea has invested $12 billion. The UK $4 billion. The rest have invested about $20 billion. Last year, Iraq attracted almost $60 billion in investments. USA TODAY
  • Religion of Peace Update: A 28-year-old Afghan villager received 70 lashes because his beard was too short.