Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reactions to Supreme Court As Expected; Obama Orders Feds Not To Cooperate With Arizona; Operation Community Shield; Last Beam Set at WTC Towerk; Carter Accused Obama of Human Rights Violations

...Anyone who returns a gun (Chicago buy-back program), no questions asked, get a $100 gift certificate in return. To which Attorney General Eric Holder said, "Why didn't I think of that?"...Leno

  • Did anyone really expect the Left and Right sides of the political isle to react any differently than they did yesterday after the Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law? Of course not. The Right, although disappointed, still reported it won on the central element of the law. Namely, the Court upheld Arizona's "show me your papers" provision (By the way, for those critics on the Left, some facts. Anytime anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity. is stopped by a cop while driving; the police always ask for our driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. In other words, they ask everyone for their "papers.") The Left, on the other hand and also a tad disappointed (because of that provision being upheld), reported they got most of the law overturned. They did.
  • The provision Section 2(B)---that was upheld by the Court---states state and local police are required to perform roadside immigration check of people they've stopped or detained if a "reasonable suspicion" exists that they are in the country illegally.
  • So what's the overall message? I don't think it's as mixed as many believe. The Court told the Feds, in no uncertain terms, you've ONE---failed in your duty on immigration and TWO---do something about it.  In fact, Judge Scalia was very clear on that point. He wrote, "...federal policies of noninforcement will leave the states helpless before those evil effects of illegal immigration."

  • So what does the administration do in response to the Court's decision: It suspends immigration agreements with Arizona. In other words, the administration ordered ICE not to cooperate with Arizona. But does that surprise anyone after he skirted immigration laws just two weeks ago?
  • Here's a little secret. ICE does not have time to go after illegals who don't break the law. They're too busy going after real illegal criminals like gang members, drug dealers, terrorists and other scumbags including sex offenders. ICE has done targeted enforcement of creeps like these on many occasions. In fact, their sweeps involve arresting several thousand at one shot. Just last year, they arrested almost 3000 in one 50 state targeted operation.

  • "Operation Community Shield" is an op run by ICE. Since 2005, they've arrested over 25,000 gang members representing over 2000 gangs nationwide. In those operations, they've also seized over 3000 weapons.
  • So the question has to be asked: What will the administration now do with operations such as the one above? Will they be continued, suspended or completely eliminated? I suspect ICE will continue going after scumbags.

  • And for those who think all of this illegal immigration is a joke. In the last five years alone, there have been almost 50,000 drug-related murders in Mexico. That's almost as many the U.S. lost fighting in Vietnam in over 10 years. It's nine times as many as we lost fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for almost 10 years. In other words, this is serious friggin business. A lot of that insanity bleeds into our country. Many of the most vicious Mexican gangs have set up shop in many of our cities. For those who think illegal immigration is not important---you're deluding yourselves.
  • The fact is we've been dickering with the issue of what to do about illegal immigration for decades.  As even USA TODAY correctly pointed out today, only George W. Bush took up the issue of immigration reform in 2007 but the issue collapsed. Why? Democrats took over Congress in 2006.
  • And a reminder. Eric Holder condemned the Arizona Law without even reading it. Similar to Nancy Pelosi who pushed through ObamaCare without even reading it.
  • Reminder: Don't let all of this stuff distract you from the presidential campaign. Keep your eyes on the prize. This ruling should show everyone how important Supreme Court appointments are.
  • Pres. Obama can't even get a break from his own side. Yesterday Jimmy Carter accused the Obama administration of human rights violation in the use of drones to kill suspected terrorists. I'll leave this issue up to the Left to hammer out. (ABC News)
  • And the "Fast and Furious" scandal is still out there.

  • There is good news: The last beam was put in place yesterday at the new World Trade Center skyscraper. The 72-story tower is set to open in the fall of 2013.
  • ObamaCare decision by the Supremes is due out this Thursday. I told you to buckle-up.