Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Will Eric Holder Be Held in Contempt?; Charlie Rangel Wins; Obama: Panderer in Chief; Have The Dems Given Up on Human Rights?; How Low Can CNN Sink?; Madonna As You've Never Seen Her

Johnson & Johnson Introduces "Nothing But Tears" Shampoo To Toughen Up Newborns...The Onion
  • In addition to the anticipated decision by the Supreme Court on ObamaCare likely tomorrow, it appears the House is ready to cite Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. Moreover, there are reports today in many sources that some Democrats might join the citation. According to the House Oversight Committee, Holder has refused to turn over additional documents relating to the Fast and Furious scandal.
  • Some Democrats are accusing Republicans of racism for going after Eric Holder. Keep in mind this scandal was not broken by Republicans. It was broken by an ATF agent who blew the whistle on the operation. In addition, does anyone remember Alberto Gonzales? He was Attorney General under George W. Bush. He also became the highest ranking Hispanic in government to that time. He was run out of office by Democrats at the time because he dismissed several U.S. attorneys. Does anyone remember accusing Democrats of racism then? No, because no one did.

  • Ethically challenged Charlie Rangel won his Democrat Primary yesterday by a comfortable margin. He received almost 51% of the vote to his opponents 32% (as of last night). He's held political office since 1971 representing three different Congressional Districts. In 2010, Rangel was charged with 13 counts of violating House rule and federal laws by the House Ethics Committee. Some of these included not reporting some assets and income, failure to report income on rental properties in the Dominican Republic, failure to pay taxes, using the House parking garage to store his vehicle, and using government letterhead to help raise donations for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at City College. In 2010, the House found him guilty on 11 or 12 charges. Subsequently, the House voted to censure Rangel.
  • But there was good news on the election front and perhaps we can still have faith in the electorate. As I wrote a few days ago, Charles Barron, who sits on Council in NY City, ran for a House seat this week. He got smoked yesterday by Hakeem Jeffries. It's good news because Barron is an avowed anti-semite. He also supported dictators Kadafi and Mugabe. In fact, in 2002, he actually hosted an event in NY City honoring Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe.
  • Something struck me anew about Pres. Obama this week. Have you noticed rather than being president of all Americans, he panders to a select few? In just the last several months, he's indulged Latinos, gays, illegal immigrants, Hollywood, and college students. In fact, he's rarely indulged blacks. He just takes them for granted I guess.
  • In fact, even hard-core progressives are taking Obama and Democrats to task. Lionel Beehner, a USA TODAY contributer, wrote in USA TODAY last week that the Dems are ceding human rights issues to the Republicans. He makes a good case. For example, he points out that Obama balked at granting the Dalai Lama an Oval Office invitation and didn't press human rights on his visit to China. He also points to Obama's failure to close Gitmo as he had promised (in fact, Obama promised Gitmo closing was one of the first things on his agenda after becoming president). Of course, as most Progressives, Beehner takes Obama to task for the use of drone attacks (just yesterday, Jimmy Carter even accused Obama of human rights violations because of his use of drones). Beehner ended his piece with this: "Human Rights are the last issue the White House should be seen as 'leading from behind.'" Welcome to reality Mr. Beehner.

  • And when he's not pandering, he's bullying.
  • While some critics are taking Romney to task for not providing more solutions to America's problems (I'm one of them), what solutions has Pres. Obama presented other than taxing the rich?

  • Hey, at least he has one guy on his team we can always count on for a few laughs to break all this tension---Slo Joe Biden. In fact, I look forward to any new stupid statements that come out of his mouth. I think most Americans do.
  • Consumer confidence fell in June for the fourth straight month according to The Conference Board. Americans continue to be concerned about the economy, jobs, low home values and the horrific European economy.
  • It's also being reported today that another high-ranking Democrat might skip the Democratic Convention. The St. Louis Beacon is reporting today that Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill might book. This news follows the report last week that all of the high-ranking Democrats in W. Va. would not be attending the convention.
  • CNN's ratings took another drop this week---it's steepest in 21 years. Pierce Morgan, who replaced Larry King on "Larry King Barely Alive," dropped 29% and Anderson Cooper's numbers took a 19% nose dive. Even Wolf Blitzer's "The Situation Room" fell 26% (No "Jersey Shore" watchers, the show is not about that knucklehead,  "The Situation"). NY Post

  • Speaking of TV news, you've probably heard of the new show, The Newsroom. It's by the creator of The West Wing. Without even watching the show, I already know it'll highlight the knee-pad media. Why?  Because Aaron Sorkin, the creator, actually said in an interview in USA TODAY, "I don't see liberal bias{in broadcast news} and I'm trying to..." Then you're delusional Sorkin.
  • Folks, let's keep the good folks in Colorado in our prayers. It's smokin hot out there right now. Up to 32,000 people have evacuated because of those fires.