Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Declares ObamaCare is One-Big, Fat Tax Increase; Implications of This Decision; Many Questions Need Answers; TSA is Failing; We're Safe With Obama if We Get Invaded from Space

"No, that's not true George. For us to say that you've got to take responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase." Pres. Obama to George Stephanopoulos in a 2009 interview.

  • Once again, Pres. Obama lied big time to the American people. Today's decision by the Supreme Court reinforces the long-held claim that ObamaCare is indeed---a huge friggin tax increase on all Americans.
  • Now, although I'm certainly not pleased with this decision, I'd counsel all those opposed to ObamaCare to take a deep breath (like I did), step back and realize the world did not end for several reasons.
  • One: Romney promised he would take steps to repeal ObamaCare. The implication, of course, is Romney needs to win in November. If not, we're f%$ked. Because this decision gives many Americans a glimpse into what another four years under Obama would be like. (Breaking News: Politico is now reporting Republicans are planning a repeal vote after the July 4th holiday. Right now, I don't see it getting by the Senate.)
  • Two: This decision by the Supremes has and will continue to fire up the Conservative base for Romney (yes, Obama's base is partying but he had those votes anyway).

  • Three: Most Americans don't like tax increases, especially big ones as this will be. Need I remind you what happened to Bush 41 after he broke his promise not to raise taxes? Bubba beat him.
  • Four: The Democrats are already acting like fools. The executive director of the DNC tweeted: "It's Constitutional: Bitches." Again, that tweet gives you some idea what aholes they are as well as what the country can look forward to if Obama is re-elected: arrogance.
  • Five: This is actually the best outcome outside of the Supreme's knocking down ObamaCare. Refer to #3 above.
  • Six: Most polls are still showing that most Americans do not support ObamaCare. This is a good indicator for repeal.
  • Seven: This ruling just awakened a sleeping giant. If anyone thinks conservatives were too quiet, think again. The Japanese learned that lesson at Pearl. Yes---this is now---a political battle.
  • Finally, many questions remain. What does this decision do to Medicaid? Can states now opt out of ObamaCare? What does the medical profession think? How will insurers respond? (I suspect in the affirmative since all Americans will now be required to have health insurance by 2014). What does the ruling mean for us? ( As stated earlier, the law states all Americans will need to obtain health insurance or face a penality---a tax). Will the IRS come after those who will not be insured?
  • There will be many more questions needing answers in the coming months.

  • And then there's Fast and Furious
There is more news out there folks.
  • More evidence of what government control can do. USA TODAY reported  TSA fired 8 more TSA agents at Newark for sleeping while on duty and for violating other rules. This is on top of many other TSA agents fired for bribary (in Philadelphia), for failing to conduct screenings (Fort Myers, up to 37 agents fired, and for drug trafficking. Glen Winn, former airline security officer said, "Something is failing in this system." Wait until he tries to find a physician in several more years.
  • Stockton, CA, filed for bankruptcy this week.  Largest American city to go broke. It's gone broke even after it cut $90 billion from its budget, laid off 25% of its police force and 30% of its firefighters.  LA's budget deficit will double to $427 million---almost entirely due to its labor force.

  • One has to wonder how long Pres. Obama can tolerated Slo Joe's gaffes. This week he said the economy is in a full-flown "depression." (You know---he might actually be on to something. But he's still a knucklehead.
  • GM's stock closed at $19.66 a share, down from $27 in February. There's government motors for you. GM has cost taxpayers $4 billion since February.

  • Pres. Obama received more good news today. A poll conducted by National Geographic found more Americans believe Pres. Obama would protect us against space alien invaders than Romney would. Damn, there's a joke in there somewhere, I'm sure, having to do with Slo Joe Biden.

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