Monday, December 19, 2011

Walters Most Fascinating People?; Ding Dong Kim Jong Is Dead; RIP Vaclav Havel; Bad News 4 Obama and The Occupiers; Fannie & Freddie & Fraud; Poor Americans On The Rise

On the campaign trail, Ron Paul said he does not like his milk homogenized. After hearing this, Rick Perry said, "I'm also not a fan of gay milk."---Conan

  • Barbara Walters list of most fascinating people this year included the Kardasians (not an ounce of talent in that entire family), Donald Trump, and Katy Perry among others less notable.  Kimmel said is this the list of the most fascinating people or the list of the reasons why the terrorists hate us?
  • Speaking of Barbara Walters, Pres. Obama could still not proclaim victory in Iraq in his interview with Babs. And a friend of mine raised a good point. He can't because he won't give the previous administration any credit for our victory.

  • By now, you probably know Kim Jong, the dictator and scum bucket of North Korea, is dead. It's generally good news except it's North Korea. Only God can predict what those crazy bastards and China have in mind for that country now. Ding Dong Kim Jong Is Dead (I stole that little biddy from someone and it's so appropriate)

  • On the other end of the spectrum, Vaclav Havel died this weekend at the age of 75. He stood up against Commie tyranny and won (as did Lech Welesa in Poland). In Czechoslovakia it became known as "The Velvet Revolution." Not bad for a guy who was a playwright. He was also a man who displayed absolute individual heroism in the face of pure evil. May he be remembered for eternity.
  • Bad news from Gallup for Obama and the Occupy crowd. The latest Gallup reports that more people are concerned about getting the economy on track than on economic inequality. This news clashes with the message of both Obama and the Occupiers. 82% of Americans say it is extremely important or very important to grow the economy. Whereas, only 46% say it is extremely or very important to reduce.
  • I contend one of the problems Newt has is trying to reconcile the over one million dollars he received for consulting for Fannie and Freddie. And just last week, federal regulators slapped the former CEO's of the companies with charges of fraud. The investigation has taken over 4 years. However, some legal experts contend the complains lack hard evidence. NY Post
  • You investors, you gotta continue keeping your eyes on what's happening in Europe because it's not good. Moody's downgraded Belgium's credit rating. Spain is drowning in red ink. France reported it might face a recession soon. And Ireland's economy keeps shrinking (their 3rd quarter GNP fell 1.9%). News Journal
  • USA Today reported most stock funds posted losses this year. In fact, 92% of approximately 8,000 funds showed a loss.

  • "Recession is Over New"  Can you imagine the uproar in the media with a headline like-Census Data Show Poor Americans On The Rise-if any Republican were in the Oval Office?  Yet, the only thing we hear are crickets chirping. That headline did appear in the News Journal (DE paper), but it barely raised an eyebrow. The data shows nearly 1-2 Americans have either fallen into poverty or earn so little that they are now classified as low-income.