Monday, July 23, 2012

Journalism's Failures Need Immediate Attention; They Always Want To Take Guns Away From People Who Don't Do The Crimes; Poverty In U.S. On Course To Be Highest Since 1965; Obama Can't Blame Bush Anymore; Romney Gets A Majority of Veteran Support; Reasons To Dislike Romney; NCAA Sanctions Against Penn State

Jobless claims rose by 35,000 last week. But it does show you if you're unsuccessful in this country, you didn't do it on your own. You had help. Thank you, Pres. Obama...Leno

  • The conspicuous bias and poor reporting in today's media appears to need immediate attention. Of course, it's no secret most of the media leans Left. The evidence is overwhelming. But something has to be done about it.

  • As many know by now, ABC News and Brian Ross, immediately implied a Tea Party member may have been responsible for the Aurora theatre shooting. But this was not the first time a major news agency made such a outrageous and slimy claim. If you recall, Dan Rather of CBS news and 60 Minutes aired bogus claims about the military service of George W. Bush in 2004, two months before the election (Bush was a pilot in the Texas Air Guard. The bogus reporting claimed Bush failed to fulfil his obligation to the Guard. And independent investigation headed by former PA Governor Dick Thornburgh found significant "failures" in the network's reporting regarding Bush's military service). As a result of these failures in reporting, Dan Rather resigned. Several other executives were terminated.

  • In addition, this was not an isolated error made by Brian Ross. He's been criticized for other reports in the past. But this goes beyond what Ross did. And I'm not referring to "honest" errors on the part of the media. This poor reporting is about collusion and an intent to mis-report or misrepresent the facts.  It goes to the heart of how often so many in the media are willing to compromise their journalistic principles to find fault with conservatives.

  •  For example, instead of first targeting the Tea Party, why wouldn't Ross and his ilk first consider members of Occupy Wall Street? Why do I ask that question? OWS is the group that has the history of violence. It was just over a month ago when about five Occupy scumbags were busted for planning to blow up a bridge in Ohio. OWS agitators and misfits destroyed property, terrorized people in the vehicles, spread their bodily fluids, destroyed the local environment, arrested for sexual assaults...You get the picture. And yet, who does the knee-pad media choose to immediately accuse?---Tea Party people who have absolutely no history of violence.

  • Of course the anti-gun crowd raised it's ugly head again. Allow me to ask these people some questions. Chicago is now one of the most violent cities in America. It, as well as the state of Ill, has some of the strictest gun laws in America. How do you account for that? Norway has some of the strictest gun laws on earth, yet a madman killed over 70 young people last year. How do you account for that?  Do you anti-gun folks actually think criminals would be happy to obey more gun laws? They are not doing it now. What makes you think they will do it in the future? And gun control certainly worked well in Colorado didn't it? The shooter was the only one armed---a gun control success story. In other words, those poor people who were killed last Friday were sitting ducks---because they were not armed.

  • This headline is for those who still support Pres. Obama: According to the U.S. Census, Poverty in the United States is on course to rise to the levels of the mid-1960's when it was really f%$ken high.
  • USA TODAY had a piece with the headline, "Will Fragile U.S. Economy Shatter?" then they proceed to report on the shattered economy. Go figure.
  • Obama can't blame Bush anymore. A new poll out by The Hill reports that most Americans now blame Obama for the poor economy. Thirty-four percent now blame Obama while 18% still blame Bush.
  • And Rasmussen is reporting today that a majority of veterans support Romney over Obama.  It's a significant lead on Romney's part too. Veterans prefer Romney to Obama by 59-35%.

  • There are, however, reasons to dislike Romney. For example, he's been married to only ONE WOMAN his entire life. As far as we know, he has no scandals in his closet.  He's smart too. Graduated from Harvard Cum Laude (his academic records are not sealed). He also does not smoke or drink. He's also a MORMON (Mon Dieu!). Housewife Info Junkie
  • Some other things you might not know about Romney. He gave his entire inheritance to charity. When at Bain Capital, he created almost 100,000 jobs. He saved the 2002 Winter Olympics. He has not sealed any of his records.

  • While I have a low regard for the NCAA in general, first review of the sanctions against Penn State appear to be reasonable.  It's obvious they targeted Paterno since they wiped out his record going back to 1998. I didn't want to see the football season killed. It would have affected to many people not even associated with the scandal from students to athletes to vendors and local business people. I also supported Paterno's statue being removed---for obvious reasons. And it certainly looked like Paterno wanted to make one last statement with that finger sticking out from under the tarp as they were removing his statue.