Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston: Let's Speak Ill of the Living; Republicans: Start Focusing on the Administration's Failed Policies;Santorum Leading Romney Nationally; Americans Still Being Held Hostage in Egypt; There Really Are Two Americas: Where Do You Fall?; Grammy Awards

"Politics is suppose to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."  Ronald Reagan

  • It's undeniable Whitney Houston was a great musical artist. And she will forever be known for her outstanding voice. As it's been often repeated in the last 3 days, no one has sung a more beautiful" Star-Spangled Banner." And who can forget the extended lyrics of "I Will Always Love You" from the "Bodyguard." I still get chills down my spine when I hear both songs. And it appears  perhaps her "demons" did her in. Her overall body of work speaks for itself. Let's leave judgements about how she led her life to the man she met after she died.
  • But I want to speak ill of the living. The hypocrisy in the entertainment industry in their reaction to her death is breathtaking. This is the industry that vilified her for the last 10 years. Stories and magazine and tabloid covers constantly portrayed her as a drunk or doper or both. And the absurd statements made by many of these same nitwits is almost comical.  LL Cool Jay said, "This night (about the Grammys) is about something that is universally healing."  Universally healing? From what?  LL added later, "We've been blessed to have been touched by {Whitney's} musical talent." And Oprah tweeted, "We got to hear part of God every time she sang." (No Oprah, she's singing with God now) Give me a break. I and millions liked her music; but I doubt any felt "blessed." Or for that matter thought they heard God (if they did, they need to see a therapist like right now). I'll tell you what I feel blessed about--- I feel blessed to know there are young men and women enlisting in our Armed Forces every day to defend our country.
  • I lost count of how many times I heard the way to over-used term "role model" was thrown out there to describe Houston. Again, as an artist, she once was extraordinary. If I had children, I doubt I would have held her up as a role model considering  what happened in her personal life in the last 15 or more years. Many others also proclaimed she had the "the greatest voice of all time." Interesting considering these people said same of Michael Jackson just last year. And I would think Celine, Adele, Streisand and many others might take exception to that. Once again, the entertainment industry exposes it's unique brand of hypocrisy and stupidity. I'm just comforted in the fact that Whitney Houston, no matter what trials and tribulations she experienced, left us a legacy of outstanding and beautiful music. Let's remember her for that. I think we can leave canonization for someone else to make that call.
  • But I have to give kudos to one honest celebrity in Hollywood. In an interview in Ebony, Samuel L. Jackson said he voted for Obama because he's black. And he admitted Obama's message didn't mean a thing to him.

  • For whatever it's worth,  here's some advice for the four Republican presidential wannabees. Stop with bashing each other and start focusing on your real target (by the way, if any Secret Service personnel are reading this, I use the word "target" in political terms. Got it.): President Obama. Republican voters know as much about you guys as can be known. You've all peeled each other's onions back enough.  Redirect your focus on an administration that made the economic recovery (if there is one) worse. Focus on the corruption in green-energy contracts (like Solyndra and countless others). Focus on the assault on the Constitution as evidenced by ObamaCare and the issue of contraception. In other words, start focusing on failed policies not on each other. Focus on the fact that now one in five Americans or 67 million rely on some type of federal aid in obtaining housing, food, income and health care.  Focusing on the fact that the number of people receiving food stamps has DOUBLED in the last 3 years.  Focus on the fact that it appears our foreign policy is in shambles, especially in the Middle East. And start offering solutions to the problems created by these misguided policies.

  • The Public Policy Poll this weekend showed that Rick Santorum leads Romney nationally by 15 points.
  • Peggy Noonan referred to Romney's problem as a "passion gap." I think Republican voters see more passion in Santorum than in Romney. I also think Santorum is more appealing to the Tea Party folks.
  • Did you know that Bill and Hillary Clinton have yet to be invited to a single private dinner since the Obama's took office?
  • Speaking of the Middle East folks, we still have 19 Americans being held hostage in Egypt. In Libya, militias have been battling each other. In addition, Islamists appear to have taken control politically in these countries.

  • It pains me to see what is happening in Greece. I was stationed there in the Air Force several decades a ago. Just a beautiful country and lovely people. It was heaven on earth (as long as their terrorists didn't intrude upon that paradise).
  • So what type of American are you? Do you like Toby Keith, football, support the military, respect the 2nd Amendment, watch NASCAR, shop at Walmart, watch Fox News and prefer Bud? Or do you prefer NPR, sushi, wine, tennis, Volvo's and hybrids. See folks: there really are two Americas. So which side of the divide do you live in?
  • "Health Breaking News"---A new study that came out of the American Academy of Neurology reported that older people who consumed more than 2,143 calories a day had more than double the risk of mild cognitive impairment compared to those who ate fewer than 1500 calories. 1,200 people, ages 70-90, were part of this study. USA TODAY
  • "Health News I Bet You Never Heard" AP is reporting over 24,000 people have died from a mysterious epidemic in Central America. It strikes the kidneys. Medical researchers have received reports of this mysterious ailment as far north as Southern Mexico. Yes, I think this makes a good case to tighten our borders. Don't you?

  • I generally don't watch most of the Grammy Awards but I caught some good stuff. Glen Campbell, considering he's battling Alzheimer's, was very moving. Rihanna was friggin hot as always. The Boss didn't let down and Adele was a performance to behold.