Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romney Takes Maine And CPAC; Is Santorum's Surge Over Already?; Republicans Need To Defend Themselves; An Accomodation or Passisng The Buck? Whitney Houston Has Died at 48

The Onion's "News In Brief."  Time Traveler From The Year 1998 Warns Nation Not To Elect Newt Gingrich.

  • OK, Republican voters must be schizophrenic. It was just announced that Mitt Romney won in Maine and won the CPAC's Straw Poll. What's going on with these people? First it was Bachmann on top (no pun intended). Then Perry takes the lead. Even Trump managed to squeeze in a few good rounds. Then Herman Cain was the talk of the town. Newt jumped on the train for several stops. Romney managed a win in Florida. Suddenly Santorum takes 3 states from Romney and now Romney is back in the huddle running the next play. This has to be driving Republicans and Conservatives nuts. I don't know. Perhaps the image above says it all.
  • And does this mean Santorum's surge is over already? I didn't even finish my pint of Guinness and this guy comes in third (Newt barely showed and Ron Paul came in a second).

  • I've always defined myself as a Reagan Democrat although I'm leaning more and more independent every day. But if I were a Republican, I'd talk up the many good things about the party's history and not let the other side keep pounding them about their alleged ties to big business or not caring about the poor. The Republican Party was founded in the North by anti-slavery activists. After the Civil War, over 20 black men were elected to Congress (some were former slaves). All were black. From Lincoln to the modern era Republicans, they supported Civil Rights (yes, I know, LBJ did sign the bill into law). Pres. Ford signed the first proclamation establishing February as Black History Month. Many outstanding African Americans were and are Republican from Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas and Allen West. And as recently as 2010, the Republican Party supported over 30 blacks for Congress. So I say to the Republicans: defend yourselves. Don't run from your history; embrace it.
  • Let's see if I understand this. The "accommodation" the Obama administration presented regarding contraception coverage mandated in ObamaCare is to shift the burden on to insurance companies? And who does the administration believe will pay for this? In addition, The Wall Street Journal just reported Catholic bishops would NOT support this compromise. They contend the proposal didn't contain provisions for religious employers who self-insure because the employer still takes on the risk of covering employee health care. It appears this Holy War is not over yet.
  • Even the usually liberal News Journal (Wilmington, DE) wrote in their opinion piece, "Did the administration impose the regulation as a matter of principle or out of political disregard for the people they thought would oppose it?...If it was a tone-deaf disregard, then the hasty retreat and claim of a "non-compromise" are shallow cover-ups..."
  • But let's return to what affects ever American. The president's new budget predicts a $1.3 trillion deficit. It also imposes a tax on millionaires. In other words, look for another budget battle erupting.
  • Question for Republicans: What will your strategy be if the economy does in fact improve prior to election day? It's generally believed "it's the economy stupid." I contend there's more to it than the economy. As the recent decisions by the administration show, the cancelling of the pipeline and the attempted imposition of this contraception mandate, it should be about the government getting too damn big and government over-reach.

  • Reports coming out of Hollywood is that Whitney Houston has died. Some news agencies have denied the report. Developing. TMZ/Huffington Post

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