Friday, February 10, 2012

Is Government Over-reaching on Internet Monitoring?; Will Obama Cave?; Hollywood Portrays Corrupt Cop As Crazed Veteran--Again!; It Might Be Over For Occupy; She Said Her Huge Breasts Saved Her Life

Headline on The Onion this week: "New Photos Reveal Stress Of Obama's First Term In Office Has Rapidly Aged Americans." (then it shows a strip of 4 average looking Americans before Obama took office and what they look like now. They all appear to have aged about 20 years---hilarious).

  • I'm thinking this morning of this report I'm about to share with you: I might be in a world of sh!t.  According to news reports this week, advocacy groups are getting increasingly alarmed over our government's monitoring of the Internet for "threats" and "hazards" as well as "any media reports that reflect adversely on the U.S. Government and The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ability to prevent, protect and respond, to recovery efforts and activities related to any crisis or events which impact national planning scenarios." Say friggin what? What does that mean? Those were the instructions given to the independent contractor by DHS.  Reuters News reported the contractors monitored Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Wikileaks, as well as the Huffington Post and Drudge. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) declared, "This is entirely outside the bounds of the agency's statutory duties." Congressional hearings have been scheduled to review this government policy. As Americans, we have to keep a close eye on this development.


  • ABC News is reporting that Pres. Obama will have a news conference regarding this Holy War he and his administration instigated with the Catholic Church and all religious groups in general. And these same reports indicate he might try to find some way out of this mess. Think about it for a moment. This was the president who promised to bring everyone together. And what did he start doing? He took on insurance companies and the health care industry. He started a war against Wall Street (even though he surrounded himself with Wall Streeters so you know that was bogus).  He started a war against the wealthy (class warfare). Race card issues came up from his surrogates.  He started one war after another and there was only one war left remaining: against the Catholic Church and its affiliates. But with the Church he ran into a roadblock. He also ran into another more important roadblock: The United States Constitution.  Even some Progressives complained. E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post, a huge Obama administration suck-up, wrote the president threw his "progressive Catholic allies under the bus."  Why is Obama probably backing down? Because he knows the 2008 and 2010 elections showed clearly that Catholics have a lot of power---especially at the ballot box.

  • And while I'm on religion, might as well have a "Religion of Peace" update.  A Muslim extremist in Brookly pleaded guilty to making online threats. And to whom? He threatened the creators of "South Park" for depicting Mohammed as a bear.

  • It really might be officially over for Occupy Wall Street. Headline on USA TODAY's opinion piece today: "Lacking Clear Goals And Leaders, The 'Occupy' Movement Fizzles." That's putting it mildly.  As the paper points out, "...the Occupiers chose a course best described as doing nothing. They did nothing day after day, week after week, under the mistaken belief that camping in public plazas would prompt some kind of action from others...The Occupiers lacked indentifiable leaders and clear goals.." And allow me to add: they ravaged the environment.

Land of Assholes, Knuckleheads, Nitwits and Jerks
  • I guess Hollywood just can't help themselves. "Rampart," a movie with Woody Hareelson (whom I really like as an actor), is about a corrupt cop who also happens to be a Vietnam Veteran. In the review today in USA TODAY, they write, "He's certainly an all-around nasty guy with his own warped code of justice..." Hey, Hollywood! How about a movie about a good cop who happens to be a Vietnam Veteran. Try that for once. Because there are more good cops out there who are vets than what your nasty-ass business always tries to portray: the crazed veteran.
  • You probably never heard of Sheyla Hershey. Her breast size are a mere 38KKK (no offense to good major league baseball pitchers).  After she slammed her Mustang into several trees while driving home from a Super Bowl party, she told the police: "I think my breasts saved my life." Do they sell those at Pep Boys? Hey, just askin.
  • Another woman revealed she had a hot, torrid affair with Pres. Kennedy when she was an intern. How many does that make now?