Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Can't Romney Inspire After All He Looks Like Superman; Santorum: The Elephant In The Room; Obama's Trade Adviser Exporting Jobs; Are We Preparing To Engage in Syria? Entire Elementary School's Faculty Replaced; John Edwards Can't Stay Out of Trouble; 600 NFL Players Free Agents

The Onion took its readers behind the scenes of Seal Team Six and reported on how they relax. This is what they found: Some were putting .50-caliber slugs in a tree inches above an unwitting neighbor's head while he napped in his hammock. They also reflected on how awesome it was to kick down a door and put a bullet through bin Laden's head. Busting each other's chops but in a a way that doesn't end in death or paralysis.  

  • Why does Romney have a hard time inspiring the base? If you look at last week's caucuses, he received less than half of the votes in those states he received in 2008. Is it because---like Letterman joked recently---he looks like the guy on the underwear package? Is it because he looks too slick, too prepared? To be honest with all my readers, I like him because he reminds me of my childhood hero, Superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men...And I digress (he does remind me of Clark Kent too). As Podhoretz pointed out this week, Romney has adopted almost every conservative position from being pro-life to cutting taxes to repealing ObamaCare. So what's the problem? I have a sneaky suspicion a lot of conservatives just don't trust him. Is his constant reminding voters of his business background backfiring? Perhaps voters actually do prefer someone with more political experience than business experience. If polls show that, he should remind voters he was a governor of Mass. at one time. Or does that bring up the RomneyCare issue again? He appears to me anyway to have put himself in a box.

  • And then we see Santorum's surge (only God knows how long it will last). And his surge appears to show that social issues are once again on the front burner (just look at the legs the ObamaCare contraception debate vs. Catholics has. I knew that would be a big story, but it's exploded even beyond my expectations). And I doubt anyone can argue---as stated on this blog several times---Santorum is the most conservative candidate out there. And if that's who Republicans are looking for---the elephant's been in the room for quite some time.
  • Speaking of the Holy War between the administration and Catholics (including clergy from other religions), any bets on who will win this Holy War?

  • CNN's "Security Clearance" Page is now reporting that the U.S. military has begun internal reviews of U.S. capability for exerting more pressure on Syria. Options are being prepared in the event Pres. Obama asked for them. However, Ambassador Susan Rice said we will first exhaust all political, economic and diplomatic means. In the meantime, Assad will keep slaughtering innocent people (my editorial comment not Ms. Rice's).
  • In Trade still has Romney favored at 80% of winning the nomination but only a 32.7% chance of winning the election. It has Obama at just under 60%. (Intrade is the world's leading prediction market). By the way, they have Santorum at an 8.2% shot at getting the Republican nomination.
  • Does the name Mathrew Rubel ring a bell? Probably not. He's president Obama's senior adviser on trade.  He also sits on the board of Supvalue Inc. that just announced layoffs and plans to ship their jobs overseas. (Daily Caller)
  • Did you know that an L.A. school is so plagued by alleged teacher sex abuse on students that the entire faculty was just replaced by a new teachers. Two teachers have now been arrested for committing lewd actions upon students. And I'm not going to summarize those acts on this blog, but some were downright sick and disgusting. If I were a parent and was told some of those things were done to my daughter, I'd be writing this from jail right now.
  • If you have not heard the news yet, TV anchor Greg Kelly has been cleared of the false charges of rape against him. It appears she had one-itsy-bitsy problem: after the alleged rape, she continued to text him with racy messages for two days---17 in all.

  • And remember that fake, phony and fraud John Edwards? Well, the Federal election officials say he now owes taxpayers more than $2.1 million in public matching funds after he dropped out of the 2008 election run. And to think---millions of people actually supported this knuckelhead. All one had to do was look at his haircut and you knew right off the bat what a phony he was. He was indicted for allegedly using campaign funds to help cover up his extramarital affair. And no, he's not the John Edwards scam artist who tells people he can talk to and with the dead. It's the John Edwards who now probably wishes he were dead.
  • Huffington Post is now reporting that Mark Zuckerberg will be making $500 grand a year and will be eligible for 2 bonuses each year of up to 45% of his base salary. Just wondering. The Occupy Wall Street misfits use Facebook a lot, but it's founder is well into the top 1%. And yet, they've never taken little Markie to task. Hey, just sayin'.
  • USA TODAY's sports section is reporting that 600 NFL players' contracts are set to expire  before March 13th and most are unrestricted free agents.