Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obama Messiah Complex Creepy,Troubling & Dangerous; What Do Unions Really Want With Walmart?; Stop With Those Buffet Emails Already

Baby Knocked Out With Cough Syrup Praised For Being Such A Good Little Traveler...The Onion

  • Yesterday the news broke that Jamie Fox referred to Pres. Obama as our "lord and savior." That was troubling enough. Now comes word out of Boston that a painting depicting Obama as a crucified Christ in hanging in an art gallery (pictured above). Normally, it would be a waste of time criticizing a bunch of nitwits who portray a president, a man, as the Messiah. And I'm not looking at this from a religious or spiritual standpoint (although I wouldn't criticize people of faith who would), I'm looking at this portrayal of the president as a savior by many in our culture as rather creepy, disturbing and troubling even pathological. And history does not speak well of countries and cultures who treated their leadership as "Gods" either.

  • Unions who want to get their foot into Walmart could care less about Walmart employees (and many Walmart employees feel the same way). Unions want to get into Walmart for one reason and one reason only: the riches that monthly dues generate for the union. Walmart employs just over 2 million. Union dues average about $25.00 a month nationally. You do the math.
  • Keep in mind, Democrats are beholdin' to unions. Since 2009, labor unions have given Democrats over $140M. Yes, they've given some money to Republicans, about 4% of that total. Any wonder Pres. Obama, as well as other Democrat presidents, pander to the unions? OpenSecrets
  • Speaking of failing, in NYC alone, only 28% of students are considered college ready. Of the worst schools in the city, some have failing grades (when graded 1-100%) ranging from 19.6% to 44.9%.  The City does have some good performing schools. NY Post
  • You know why I'm sick of hearing about this fiscal cliff? Very simple really. Revenue from any tax increases will inevitably be spent. Those knuckleheads in Congress always spend, spend, spend...
  • To give you some idea what kind of knuckleheads we have in Congress, Harry Reid has held up a budget for the feds going on 4 years. Yes, as a country, we don't currently have an approved budget. During the Civil War, Lincoln was able to pass the 13th Amendment. Our Founders were able to created time honored documents in the form of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution knowing Britain placed a death sentence on any signatories of those documents. These punks today can't even pass a budget.

  • If you're wondering why so many governors are considering opting out of expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare, consider this factoid: Even if they don't, states face $68B in additional Medicaid costs in the next 10 years.  For example, if NJ decides to expand Medicaid coverage, it will face a 4% increase to about $87B over the next 10 years. Pennsylvania's will climb from $132B to $136B. In some states, Medicaid is over 20% of their total budget expenditures.
  • Keep this very, very quiet from the anti-war crowd because it just might upset them. The Pentagon reported this week that we will be keeping over 10,000 troops in Afghanistan after 2014 when Obama promised they would be pulled out. Remember, be quiet, very quiet. Don't want to upset them. After all, they must be tired from all those anti-war rallies we've seen in the last 4 years.
  • All those emails you get about Warren Buffet's ideas about taxes? Well, as one publication correctly pointed out, watch what Buffet does, not what he says. For example, in 2011, the Lefty Huffington Post reported Buffet's company, Berkshire Hathaway, owed back taxes going back to 2002. By the way, we're talking over a billion dollars. So stop with those Buffet emails already.