Thursday, April 9, 2015

Progressives Deal Rand Paul The Bogus "War On Women" Card

Prissy Crybabies in media punish Rand Paul for getting tough with them...John Nolte of Breitbart News

  • It didn't take long for the progressives in the media to deal the bogus "War On Women" card against Rand Paul. Although it was inevitable, the card was dealt within two days of his announcing he run for the presidency. Not a long honeymoon.
  • While I like Rand Paul, he's not in my top tier of candidates right now. There's still too much time to announce who I will be supporting. 
  • The uproar is over his recent interview with Savannah Guthrie of NBC's Today Show. In short, he and Guthrie clashed over some of his previous views on foreign policy (previous views even I had some issues with). Nevertheless, he was right about the "editorializing," lecturing and over-talking by Guthrie in the interview. Rather than give him an opportunity to explain his views or how they've changed, she continued interrupting him. According to some critics, he didn't respond well to her style of interview. However, while the purpose of this piece is not to defend Guthrie (she can do that well herself), a little perspective is necessary. Guthrie is a also an attorney by training. She was even a national trial correspondent for Court TV. In other words, her style of interviewing should not surprise anyone.
  • The back-lash Rand Paul is currently experiencing by largely the progressive media is almost laughable. As previously noted above, the "War on Women" card was dealt. To give you some idea how absurd it is, Ed Schultz, one of the lunatic residents on MSNBC, actually said Rand Paul has a history of talking down to women reporters on television. Mind you, this comes from the very nitwit who called Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut." He's on the same network that once employed Martin Bashir who made vile and disgusting comments about Sarah Palin (he was subsequently forced to resign). We're all too familiar with the attacks by progressive upon conservative women. The examples are legion.
  • But back to Ms. Guthrie for a moment. NewsBusters correctly reported that her interview with Rand Paul was in "stark contrast" to her interview of Elizabeth Warren (America's favorite faux Native American). In that interview, Guthrie repeatedly urged Warren to run for president. Guthrie even wondered if Hillary Clinton was liberal enough to run as the Democrat candidate. 
  • And speaking of Hillary Clinton, the convenient attacks by the progressive media against Rand Paul should surprise no one. Recent polls are showing that she's tanking in head-to-head polls against Paul. For example, Qunnipiac just reported this week that she's trailing him in three key swing states: Colorado, Iowa and Virginia.
  • As I've written in previous posts , when there is a threat to Hillary Clinton (or any progressive politician), the media immediate starts cloaking her in bubble wrap. In addition, when the progressive media believes a conservative candidate (Rand Paul is a conservative libertarian) actually has some traction, he/she immediately becomes their target. In the case of Rand Paul, the darts were being thrown at him within 48 hours of his announcement.