Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton: A Bag Lady In A Mao Pants Suit

Hillary's economic doctrine: Money shouldn't be earned, it should be funneled...WH Press Secretary

In the past several years, I've written a number of pieces about Hillary Clinton. On March 25, 2013, "The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton" took off quite well. That was followed by another well read piece on May 13, 2014, entitled "Hillary Clinton The Perfect Progressive Politician: Good At Nothing; Bad At Everything." An just last month, "Hillary Clinton Falsehoods Wrapped In A Fable" was also well received.

The only reason I reference those articles is to discipline myself from re-hashing Clinton's history and legacy. Feel free to take a few moments to revisit those posts. With the announcement this past weekend regarding the launching of her second presidential bid, it's important to point out the baggage she brings into this race compliments her already disturbing and weak legacy. More importantly, she's playing it safe because---well---she's devoid of any meaningful accomplishments as U.S. Senator from NY and as Secretary of State.

In just the last year, we've also seen that not much has changed in the last four years. For example, Hillary Clinton is entering this race on the heels of an email scandal. More Americans are also becoming suspicious of her finances especially having to do with Clinton Foundation. This is particularly laughable in context of her announcement yesterday claiming to be a "champion" for all Americans. Keep in mind, this is a person who regularly gets about $300 grand for one speech that is not to be more than 90 minutes long---her requirement. In addition, she must be provided with a private jet---again, her requirement. (NY Post) This is in addition to both she and Bubba purchasing two homes with costs in excess of $4M. (not including his former office in Harlem, NY and now her new campaign office in Brooklyn, NY). All of this even as she said in an interview several months ago that they were "dead broke" when Bill left office. Her average net worth (not including Bubba's) is estimated to be just a tad over $13M. Dave Manuel. Then again, this is someone whose always had challenges when it came to telling the truth.

Of course, even more troubling, her tenure as Secretary of State with the Obama administration was a total disaster. The chaos we're now witnessing in the Middle East and other parts of the globe had its roots during her time in office (e.g. Ukraine, Nigeria with Boko Haram, a terrorist group her State Department refused to recognize as a terrorist organization and the explosion of ISIS).

In short, we're going to watch Hillary Clinton focus primarily on cultural issues rather than on any of substance. Because like her husband before her, it's always been about style over substance. She and progressives understand the low-information voters are dazzled by style rather than meaningful core principles. She knows this because she also knows that's how Mr. Obama was elected twice.

Postscript:   Even though Comey did not follow thru with recommending an indictment (I suspect he knew the DOJ would not indict),  he did indict her in his own way.  Too early to tell now, but I believe it will hurt her. In addition, the Clinton Foundation revelations might also inflict injuries.