Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Benghazi Scandal: Cover-up?, Incompetence & Disastrously Inept; Big Bird Gives The Bird To The Obama Campaign; Wynn Lectures Obama; Obama Sends Form Letters Of Condolence To Fallen Troops Yet Personnel Letter Of Condolence To Family Of Rapper Havey D

"The lunacy (in politics) has outstripped anything the imagination can hold." Lewis Black, comedian

  • It is now becoming increasingly clear the Obama administration and the State Department lied about the attack on our embassy in Benghazi. We now know this:
  • There were at least 13 terror attacks PRIOR to the the 9/11/12 attack on and near the embassy grounds. We now know that our security personnel (some were Green Berets) were WITHDRAWN one month PRIOR  to the attack. We now know the embassy personnel warned the administration and State Department there was a danger of an impending attack (in fact, Jihadists posted their intentions to kill embassy personnel on Facebook prior to 9/11/12). We now know embassy personnel asked for more security assistance. We now know (ABC News yesterday) that their was no rioting by the embassy prior to the attack. We now know the administration knew the attacks were NOT related to a fictitious film. Even USA TODAY has a piece today entitled, "Official: Security Concerns In Libya Were Ignored."
  • So what conclusions can we come to? The administration is either incompetent and/or disastrously inept. In addition, it's looking more like a cover-up.

  • On the heels of this fiasco, the Obama campaign decided to use Big Bird in an ad attacking Romney. In fact, even Obama used Big Bird and Sesame Street himself in a speech. He referred to Big Bird 8 times, Elmo 5 times, Libya zero times and the economy a big fat zero.
  • On April 16, 2012, on this blog, I wrote a piece about all of the diversions used by the Obama campaign. I also asked how many do they have left. I never knew they would go so low as to use Big Bird as a diversion.

  • But it's not working because PBS told the Obama campaign to take the ad down. In other words, Big Bird gave the Obama campaign the Bird.
  • Sesame Street CEO makes $664k a year. The president makes $400k.
  • If you recall, when the debate moderators were announced, many conservatives were rightly concerned that the moderators were all liberal. Well, it appears their concerns were valid. Daily Caller is reporting today Pres. Obama attended the wedding of the moderator for the VP debate tomorrow, Martha Radditz.
  • One of the reasons the drop in the unemployment rate is not having traction for the Obama campaign is simple: people vote on the evidence they see around them.
  • Steve Wynn, one of the most successful casino CEO's in history, made it clear he needs no lectures from the Obama administration.  He reminded the president he (Wynn) created a 1/4 million jobs. Wynn gave 120% of his salary and bonus last year to charity as he does most years. He added he's afraid of the president because he has no idea what goofy plan Obama and his administration will come up with. He also reported every business person he's met feels the same way. Real Clear Politics
  • In his debate with Hillary Clinton in 2008, Slo Joe Biden referenced the high fuel prices then. When he and Obama took office, the average gas prices was about $1.79-1.85/gal. Today, the price for regular gas in CA is $4.67/gal. The lowest prices are in Texas at $3.54/gal. Triple A

  • The graph above shows who pays the most in taxes among industrialized countries. Those who keep wanting the rich to pay more should review this chart for themselves. Washington Times
  • Did you know, in the past several years, Pres. Obama sent the SAME form letter to parents of fallen soldiers, Marines and Navy SEALs. He sent a personnel letter of condolence to the family of rapper Heavy D. Gateway Pundit