Thursday, October 11, 2012

Libya: State Department's Bloody Incompetence; Obama Administration's Deception; Ryan-Biden Debate; Momentum To Romney; Religion Of Peace Update

Can you believe it's only another month until we start arguing whether the election was stolen or not?...Leno

  • As I wrote yesterday, it's now clear the State Department is directly responsible for the death of Ambassador Stevens and three of his security team members. In other words, they now have American blood on their hands.
  • And this was reinforced yesterday at the testimony of State Department nitwits in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Excuses and lies on top of excuses and lies. For example, testimony included, "Based on what they knew at the time." At the time? At the time, they already knew the security detail on the ground in Libya requested for more security officers at least a month BEFORE the 9/11/12 attack. At the time? At the time, they already knew that Ambassador Stevens requested additional security because of the danger. He wrote to his superiors prior to the attack: "Violent security incidents continue to take place...Host national security support is lacking and cannot be depended on to provide a safe and secure environment." (there were at least 13 attacks PRIOR to 9/11/12 either on or near the embassy. In addition, in months before the 9/11 attack, the British embassy and the Red Cross were attacked). At the time? At the time, the State Department not only knew of the dangers, but they had withdrawn at least 16 security officers in August, one month prior to the attack. At the time? At the time, the State Department knew that Eric Nordstrom, the former security chief officer for U.S. diplomats sent requests for more security and the requests were blocked by department policy. In fact, Nordstrom, sent two cables to the State Department in March and July requesting additional diplomatic security agents for Benghazi. He received no response to those cables.
  • It's now clear. The State Department has American blood its hands. In addition, the State Department and the Obama administration tried to deceive the American people by placing the blame on a non-existent film for at least 2 weeks after the attack---when they knew otherwise.
  • By the way, regarding that trailer, the Administration wanted it taken off the internet. Yet, they never requested the videos of Americans getting their heads sawed off by terrorist thugs taken off the internet.
  • Reuters News is now reporting al-Qaeda killed a U.S. Embassy employee in Yemen.
  • Oh, one more thing. The U.S. Embassy in Vienna requested over $100,000 for electric vehicle charges for their Chevy Volts. It was approved. Washington Times
  • State Department is also reporting that over 10,000 Surface to Air Missiles may be missing in Libya.

  • Unlike many conservative pundits on the right, I don't think Slo Joe Biden should be taken lightly. Yes, he's the nation's knucklehead, but he's been in Congress since the turn of the century. He has a lot of experience debating. He's also been practicing for the last 6 days. On the other hand, while Slo Joe might know the numbers and facts, Ryan understands them. Also, Slo Joe has the burden of trying to defend Obama's failed policies.

  • Pay close attention to any discussion on Medicare. And keep in mind, Slo Joe will lie about Obama's cuts to Medicare. However, even the Congressional Budget Office reported the administration cut $716B from Medicare. In fact, hospitals now have $274B less to serve seniors.  In fact, it's so dire, that 15% of hospitals reported they may stop accepting Medicare. NY Post
  • I also have to assume Slo Joe Biden will bring up "fair share" and Romney's wealth. In addition, Slo Joe is bound to utter the over-used phrase, "We inherited..."
  • The strategy of the Dems now is to accuse Romney and Ryan of lying. Ironic is it not considering what happened in Libya and with Fast & Furious?
  • It appears the momentum---at this time---is moving in Romney's direction. Zogby polling has Romney one point ahead of Obama in OHIO 45-44%. And the Real Clear Politics average of all polls now has Romney up by 1.1.
  • Real Clear Politics is also reporting that several states that appeared a lock for Obama have now been placed in the "toss-up" category. This group now includes PA, WI, MI, NH and Ohio.

  • September Jihad Report: 204 attacks in 19 different countries resulting in 839 dead and 1698 critically injured. The Religion of Peace.Com