Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden: A Cranky, Rambling Old Buffoon; Paul Ryan: Class; CNN: Ryan Bested Biden; Romney Pulls Ahead In Florida

This is one of the better SNL debate parodies they've ever done. Guy's doing a hilarious Biden...Stewart Mandel Tweet last night

  • As expected, both Slo Joe Biden and Paul Ryan appealed to their bases yesterday. That observation was reinforced as I surfed through the Progressive leaning networks and Fox News. But one fact is clear: Biden was aggressive (as he was probably directed to be), loud, cranky, rambling, obnoxious, laughing (and often at inappropriate times as evidenced laughing when Ryan was talking about the Libya fiasco and Iran), and condescending. He interrupted Ryan throughout the debate (according to reports today, 82 times). To me and many other viewers, Slo Joe came off as a buffoon and clown

  • On the other hand, Paul Ryan was the adult on that stage. He was reserved, measured, cool (even in the face of Biden's 82 interruptions) and was able to counter punch Slo Joe's multiple mischaraterizations on many occasions (Does anyone believe he and the administration did not know about the dangers in Libya?  They were warned on several occasions as far back as last March by on-site security personnel and Ambassador Stevens himself. You can refer to my previous two posts regarding the timeline. Even Fact Checkers today are reporting Biden contradicted what we now know). In short, Paul Ryan showed genuine class.
  • USA TODAY even admitted, "...Ryan... didn't back down and he didn't lose his cool." Peggy Noonan in the WSJ wrote, "The old man pushed, and the kid pushed back."
  • But the overall message I got out of the debate was clear: Slo Joe Biden was unable to make a case for why Americans should vote to keep him and Obama in the White House for another four years. However, he did accomplish what the Obama campaign expected him to accomplish: He raised some issues Obama failed to in his debate with Romney. As David Lapham Tweeted, "Please, Mr. Biden, lend President Obama one of your balls for the next debate." But don't lend him your brain Joe.
  • Bottom line? It all depends on how the undecided and independents viewed the debate. If the Conservatives and Progressives were the only views factored in, I believe the debate was a Push. In terms of content, it was a Push. In terms of jerk behavior, Slo Joe Biden won hands down. In fact, pollster Matt Towery said Biden will largely be rememberd for his "clown face."
  • And MSNBC actually has this guy as a host of one of their shows and critique for the debates.

  • The most current CNN poll showed Ryan bested Biden 48-44%. Yet, Wolf Blitzer declared it a tie.
  • The Tampa Bay Times Poll is reporting Romney has surged ahead of Obama in Florida, 51-44%.