Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Election: It's About Our National Character; Romney Takes Lead in Swing States; "Hope is not a Strategy;" MSM Reporter With Guts: CBS' Lara Logan Calls Out Administration; Sandusky Get 30 YR Minimum

In an interview, Michelle Obama said she would choose either Will Smith or Denzel Washington to play her husband in a movie. Or as Democrats put it, "Any way they can play him in a debate?"...Fallon

  • The election is about our national character. That's what a local talk show host proclaimed this morning. And he's right. This election is about liberty and freedom vs. government overreach. This election is about independence not dependence. This election is about American exceptionalism not morphing into some European type indifference and stagnation. This election is about our leaders leading from the front, not from behind. This election is about American courage instead of being perceived by our enemies as weak. This election is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. America certainly has many problems (exasperated by this administration). But in the bigger picture, America is good. It's special and it's certainly been a force for good throughout the world. Yes, on one level, Pres. Obama is right. We should look "forward." We should look forward to a nation that would be much better off with him and his cronies out of office.
  • I also raise this issue as we witnessed what occurred in Venezuela yesterday. That socialist creep, Hugo Chavez, won (our government congratulated this bum on his election win). He's already driven a country with great potential into misery, and it appears most Venezuelans want more misery (although he has a history of rigging elections). That election was on the heels of the French voting for a socialist who now will tax the rich 75%. And, as predicted here several times, many of the rich in France are booking to other countries as reporting in USA TODAY.
  • Rasmussen is reporting today that Romney has taken a lead among swing states according to his poll, 49% to Obama's 47%.
  • And Zogby is reporting that Romney is taking a lead on key issues such as national security and the economy.
  • But, as any political observer knows, the polls can turn on a dime---in either direction.

  • I believe the reason is clear: American voters now see Romney and Ryan as leaders, leaders who will lead from the front. He showed it clearly in last week's debate as well as in his foreign policy speech yesterday.
  • It was at yesterday's foreign policy speech when Romney declared, "Hope is not a strategy."
  • I also believe voters are getting progressively tired of the excuses being made by the Obama campaign. In fact, the Dems even have an ad out now mocking Romney using Big Bird. You know a campaign is desperate when they have to resort to using a fictitious TV character.

  • Perhaps pigs do fly and hell has frozen over. "60 Minutes" reporter, Lara Logan, called out the administration for lying. She actually said, "There is a narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years" driven by "Taliban apologists" who claim "they are just poor, moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban." She should know. She's been to Afghanistan and said that view is "nonsense." She added, "I can't stand that there is a major lie being propagated." Good for her. The presstitutes should take notice. But I fear they'll attack her for her views. And Ms. Logan should know. If you recall, she's the reporter who was sexually assaulted during the Egyptian uprising (ironically called "The Arab Spring" which we now know is a myth).
  • Just breaking: Sandusky received a 30 year minimum sentence.