Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After Massacres Like Aurora Media Always Blames Conservatives First; Solyndra Execs Attend Obama Fundraiser, Defense Cuts Could Result In Over A Million Jobs Lost; Poll Reports Romney Trusted More On Economy; NCAA Sanctions Against Penn State

For the first time ever, women are scoring higher than men in IQ tests. Scientists say it has something to do with breast implants. Not that it makes women smarter, it just makes men dumber...Leno

  • Have you noticed a disturbing trend in the last few years? After massacres similar to the one in Aurora, the knee-pad media's first inclination is to blame the Right. Examples abound. Immediately after the Tuscon shooting, the media blamed the Tea Party. Later we found out the shooter (I refuse to name these scumbags) was apolitical. In 2010, another scumbag flew his small plane into an IRS building in Austin, TX. What was the media's initial response? He had to be an anti-tax, Tea Party member.  In fact, in the prick's own suicide note, he quoted from the Commie Manifesto. In 2010, another scumbucket shot two Pentagon security officers. The media speculated it had to be some right-wing nut job. The shooter, in fact, was a registered Democrat and 9/11 Truther. I can give you many more similar examples. But I'm confident these incidents support my claim about the knee-pad media's DNA where their first reaction is to always blame the Right first.
  • A pickup truck crash killed 14 people in South Texas yesterday. Where is the call to ban pickup trucks?
  • "Thus an administration {Obama's} loaded with people who have never run any business is gung-ho to tell businesses what to do, as well as gung-ho to tell the medical profession what to do, lenders to whom to lend and the military how to fight wars." Thomas Sowell, one of the brightest black political writers in America today

  • Did you know at Obama's California fundraiser this week, several attendees were from Solyndra? It's the failed solar energy firm that received a $535 million federal stimulus grant in 2010. Oh, don't tell me you were not invited. Too bad. I guess who didn't have the $35 grand to pony up.
  • While we're on solar companies, it's with great regret that I report another solar company touted by the Obama administration has shut it doors. Amonix solar is going out of business. But don't be too sad. They only received $21 million and change in federal stimulus subsidies. UK Daily Mail
  • Keep this fact in mind as the Obama administration and his EPA thugs continue to shut down coal companies. Coal produces more energy than all alternative energy combined. U.S. Enegy Information Administration
  • Did you know, if the defense cuts kick in next year, it could eliminate over a million jobs? According to The National Association of Manufactures, not only would over a million jobs be lost, but over 130,000 jobs in manufacturing could be lost forever. USA TODAY

  • By the way, what's going on with the Fast & Furious scandal anyway? Never mind. Eric Holder is busy suing almost every state in the Union over their illegal immigration laws and voter ID laws.

  • A new Gallup Poll reports that more Americans trust Romney on managing the economy better than Obama. In fact, Romney leads Obama in that category by a whopping 63-29%. Also, a record number of Americans express skepticism about the activist role of the government espoused by Obama. 61% say the government is overreaching. And the Obama campaign is not going to like this part of the report: the Obama campaign's attacks on Romney's business background are falling flat.

  • According to this same poll, Obama comes out ahead on likability. Well, likability will buy you a cup of coffee if you lucky (and not a cup at Starbucks).
  • Yesterday I wrote that the NCAA sanctions against Penn State appeared reasonable. I still believe that. I believe the NCAA was also sending a strong message to the other college AD's and coaches.  In addition, it was clear that the executives at the university could not be trusted to do the right thing anymore.  The Freeh report was exceedingly clear when they concluded top university officials and Paterno "repeatedly concealed critical facts relating to Sandusky's child abuse from authorities." In other words, they lied, covered-up and deceived everyone including students, athletes, and the Penn State community.

  • If I were an average-talented Penn State football player, I would view this entire episode with a "glass half-full" perspective. The entire nation's sports  media complex will be following Penn State closely this college football season. If any mediocre or average athlete stands out and excels, it will most certainly help their profile. Having said that, for those top tier athletes, I would not blame them for transferring to another university.
  • This episode has one clear lesson: it shows you what one bad employee can do to an institution or company.