Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pres. Obama's Biggest Blunders

The apartment in NYC that Obama used to live in is now up for rent at $2,400.00 a month. Coincidentally, Obama was only there for one-four year term. Leno

  • It's now undeniable (although those still in support of Pres. Obama's supporters are in denial) that he's made some whoppers when it comes to presidential blunders. In fact, with the exception of Jimmy Carter, Obama's blunders are high on the hit blunder list.
  • His most recent blunder was insulting every business person in America (by the way, his campaign knows it, because campaign ads are coming out left and right proclaiming he was taken out of context. He wasn't).
  • His most serious blunder, in my opinion and in the opinion of most rational Americans, was jamming thru ObamaCare. While unemployment was over 10% and the economy was tanking quickly, his administration spent over one year on ObamaCare.

  • Another major blunder has been not targeting the growing debt and deficit. Our national debt is now approaching $16 trillion.

  • Failing to fix the economy and failing to fix the devastated housing market (both go hand-in-hand) have been major blunders (just breaking: new homes sales dropped by 8.4%). This also includes deferring the writing of the stimulus program to Congress. Also, the lack of transparency in this administration is conspicuous by its absence.

  • As evidenced recently, pouring huge amounts of taxpayer's money into solar and green energy firms that went bust was a whopper of a blunder (even though it benefited many of his campaign funders). We're talking big money lost with this one.

  • Some of his biggest blunders have been in foreign policy starting with eliminating the missile shield program in Poland. In addition, banking much too heavily on the Arab Spring or as I like to refer to it, The Myth of the Arab Spring,  that's proven to be a disaster in most of the Middle East countries now in complete turmoil. Moreover, his foreign policy approach to Iran's terrorism appears to be weak to many observers.

  • Another major blunder is specific to many of his promises---that have been broken. Promises regarding lowering the cost of health care---broken. The promises that we won't lose our current insurance carrier---broken. The promise of racial and ethnic reconciliation---broken (no president has used so many cards in the deck as this one has).
  • Some of his initial hires for close aides appears to be a blunder. For example, why hire someone as Treasury Secretary who reportedly didn't pay his own taxes? Why hire an avowed Marxist as your Green Energy Czar? In addition, it appears he relied too heavily on staff who worked for companies like Goldman Sachs and other big banks.
  • Those government national security leaks are coming from somewhere in the administration. That blunder was reported by Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein. She said she's never seen it worse (the amount of leaks) in her 11 years on the intelligence committee.

  • And, although there have been many other blunders (like constantly blaming others and whining and, in my opinion, choosing a knucklehead as VP), I believe his biggest has been "leading from behind." That's not leading. That's following.

Some Additional News of the Day:

  • Big day in Pennsylvania because the anti-voter ID crowd is on the loose. Now, Pennsylvania's voter ID law is so liberal you can almost have your mother write a note for you to vote. Not that easy, but this easy. If you have a Social Security number and a utility bill or something else proving you live where you say you live; you can vote. By the way, Richmond, VA, papers are reporting Democrats have been sending voter registration forms to deceased relatives, children and even pets.
  • You'll need picture ID to get into the Democrat National Convention.
  • And in case you are not aware of it, if you don't agree with the anti-Voter ID crowd--you're a racist.

  • If you missed Romney's speech to the VFW yesterday, I urge you to view it on Youtube or some other site. It was one of his best. And, in my opinion, very Reaganesque.
  • Romney will be on a foreign trip visiting England, Israel and Poland. Very shrewed considering Pres. Obama insulted each one of those countries. He also has never stepped foot on to Israeli soil since he's been president. That's shameful.
  • And to enable you to sleep better, a National Security Agency whistle blower said the government is spying on all of us (where's the anti-Bush crowd on this one?).
  • And to show you Obama is running his campaign like he's running the country: his campaign reported they overspent.