Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Cane Sandy A Bitch; Romney/Ryan To Focus On Relief Efforts; Father of Tyrone Woods (Former SEAL Killed in Benghazi) Largely Ignored By Media; Polls Still Moving In Romney's Direction; Romney Up in Ohio; Proof Pigs Fly: Oliver Stone Rips Obama

Hurricane Gives Hold-Up Couple A Chance To Have All Those Fights They've Been Avoiding...The Onion

  • Last night, perhaps for the first time in the history of the Delaware Valley, long sections of I-95, Rt. 1 and The Blue Route were shut down. Public transportation is currently down in most of the Philadelphia area including NJ Transit (large sections of track were wiped out along the Jersey coastline and several bridges are damaged). 
  • Jersey is also experiencing problems with safe drinking water. Electrical companies are reporting the most blackouts in history.  The Jersey shore got hammered especially Atlantic City and the barrier islands. Gov. Christie continues to show great leadership. In fact, Christie just announced his chopper can't land in many of the shore points he wants to visit because of flooding and damage. Knowing Christie, he'll get to those areas somehow.

  • New York City got hammered too. Power is out in large parts of the city. Even the subway system is down. Authorities reported they've never had such a disaster in the subway system in its 108 year history. In Queens alone, about 80 homes flooded and caught fire.  It's estimated that 10 people died in the NYC area. All in all, Sandy was a bitch.
  • Romney and Ryan announced they will focus their efforts on hurricane relief efforts today. Yesterday, they announced their field offices will have relief supplies available as well as using the campaign bus to transport relief supplies.

  • If you recall, Cindy Sheehan became the darling of the Left, the Pressitute meda and the anti-war movement during the Iraq War. She appeared everywhere in the media for over 3 years. The same can't be said for the father of slain former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods. Charlie Woods, his father, has been largely ignored by most of the media with the exception of Fox News. In fact, this past Sunday, when Benghazi was raised by a guest, all of the moderators changed the subject including David Gregory of "Meet the Press," and Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week." The reason he's being ignored is purely political. He wants answers as to why his son and the other brave Americans died. The presstitute media are circling the wagons around Pres. Obama as they've done for the past 3+ years. The images above include Mr. Woods and the four murdered Americans who are now haunting the White House.

  • The current NPR Poll has Romney up on Obama 48-47%.  Just four weeks ago, NPR's Poll had Obama over Romney 51-44%. Those are significant swings in just 4 weeks.  And Gallup still has Romney up today 52-45%. Rasmussen has Romney up in Ohio today 50-48%.

  • Well, if anyone wanted proof that pigs fly, all you have to do is read Oliver Stone's new book, "The Untold History of the United States." In it, he rips Obama apart. "...Obama took a bad situation and made it worse," wrote Stone. In another section of the book, he also wrote, "Obama asserted presidential power that must have made Dick Cheney jealous." Ouch! And I remind you, just last week, Camille Paglia slammed Obama. She also has major problems with Obama's overreach when it comes to presidential power. Politico