Monday, December 17, 2012

Questions Should Be Not About Gun Control But About Illegally Owned Guns + Associated Violence

  • In 1997, a school student in Pearl, Miss., killed his mother and then went to Pearl H.S. and shot two more students. After that shooting, he started driving toward the town's junior high school, he was intercepted by the school's assistant principal who aimed his hand gun at the shooter and disarmed him until police arrived. The principal kept a legal firearm in his vehicle.
  • In 2002, in a Grundy, Virginia law school,  two off-duty police officers retrieved their weapons and confronted a shooter who had already killed three people, including the Dean of the school. The shooter was apprehended and arrested.

  • In 2007, in a Colorado Springs church, a shooter killed two teenage girls until a retired police officer shot and wounded the gunman, who then killed himself.
  • The fact is disturbed people will kill people. They've been doing it since the beginning of time. Before guns even existed, they used spears, knives, clubs and stones.
  • The fact is most incidents like the one in Conn. last week, as well as other mass murders, have taken place in "gun free zones." In other words, an invitation for any of these lunatics to walk in and start murdering innocents since they know they will not be confronted by a well trained armed security guard or police officer
  • What a wonderful world it would be if all citizens were disarmed---kinda like 1939 Germany where millions were murdered by the Nazi regime because they didn't have the means to defend themselves. What a wonderful world it would be if all citizens were disarmed---kinda like Cambodia in the 1970's when the Pol Pot regime murdered millions (known as the "Killing Fields.").  What a wonderful world it would be if all citizens were disarmed---kinda like present day N. Korea. What a wonderful world it would be if there were more restrictive gun laws---kinda like Norway where a crazed gunman murdered over 80 teenagers and young adults on an island. What a wonderful day it would be if there more restrictive gun laws---kinda like NY City (some of the most restrictive in the country) where on Labor Day weekend of 2011, there were over 60 people shot. The same can be said of Chicago (10 shooting last Friday, including 4 teens), Detroit, Philadelphia and other major U.S. cities were illegal gun owners cause most of the crime.
  • In short, what we're seeing from the anti-gun media and anti-gun activists is the exploitation of these type of tragedies while at the same time denying the fact that responsible gun owners can save lives.

  • So I pose these questions to those oppose citizens being legally armed. Would you rather be armed or in the presence of trained armed personnel as some lunatic is walking down the isle in a theatre killing people? Would you rather be armed or in the presence of a trained armed guard while you start hearing gun shots down the hallway of the school in which you are teaching? Would you rather be armed or in the presence of armed security personnel while at your local mall and someone starts shooting (as happened in Portland, OR, this weekend when a legally armed 22 year old confronted a shooter. The 22 year old never pulled the trigger, because of other shoppers in the area {evidence of a responsible gun owner} but as soon as the shooter saw the young man pointing his gun at him, the shooter took his own life).
  • I had the privilege of living a third of my life in NW Pennsylvania. I was literally surrounded by thousands and thousands of legal gun owners. Gun crime in that area was negligible. In fact, in the towns I lived in, there was one murder in several decades. In the last decade there have been no murders by any type of firearm committed in those towns.
  • On occasion, I also go to Philadelphia, also known for its high crime. But in the primary tourist area of Independence Mall, there is little crime. Why? Because the scumbags know the area is populated with legal gun owners like the police, the FBI, the Federal Police, Homeland Security Agents, National Park Rangers, and legal carry gun owners.
  • Gun control should not be the focus. The focus should be on those irresponsible and illegal gun owners. In other words, it's all about crime control not gun control.
  • The facts also bear out that those states and municipalities that allow concealed carry permits, crime is lower. In fact, studies show that at a minimum of almost 110,000 incidents of defensive uses of firearms each year (some studies place the number much higher). In addition, most of those incidents did NOT involve the gun being fired. The legal gun owners simply had to show they were armed (The Atlantic).
  • Of course, the fact is it's much easier to carry a concealed weapon for protection---cops are too heavy to carry.

  • This debate will go on as it has for many more years. However, more schools should consider having armed security personnel or police officers in their schools (it's already being done in many of the nation's schools with enrollments exceeding 500 students). Israel did it in the 1970's in response to terrorist attacks on their schools. In fact, many Israeli citizens are armed. Street crime in Israel is rare and their murder rate is one of the lowest in the world. Simple question: would you attack any of the women in the image above?