Friday, January 18, 2013

Does Pres. Obama Care About The Unemployed?; Why Does The Left Continue to Exploit Children?; Lance, Just One Of Many; Gun Stocks Shooting Up

"He should have done the whole thing on a stationary bike." A Tweet regarding Lance Armstrong's "confession" to Oprah

  • Does Pres. Obama care about the 22 million people in America either unemployed or underemployed? I ask that question because of the news that broke today. Obama's job council has not met in 1 year. In fact, the panel's charge is supposed to end at the end of this month unless Obama extends it. Politico is reporting it's "extremely" unlikely the panel with meet before January 31. 
  • Pres. Obama will officially start his second term next week. He has yet to get control of unemployment, the debt, the deficit, illegal immigration, banking reform, taxes and energy. In fact, one can argue, he made matters worse in the last 4 years. It'll be interesting to see what he sets for his agenda in the next four years. I suspect we will be hearing more about gun control.
  • Speaking of gun control, gun stocks have been shooting up (pun intended). Smith and Wesson reported shares gained .48 cents or 5.7%.  And Ruger is up 50% in their most recent reported quarter. USA Today

  • It's clear the gun control crowd does not understand the basic principle inherent in human nature: we not only have a right to defend ourselves but we have a duty to defend ourselves and our families. Even if the Second Amendment didn't exist, self-defense is basic to our human nature. Only an idiot would not defend him or herself in the face of some thug threatening a life.

  • The most recent Rasmussen Poll is reporting that 65% of those polled believe gun are necessary to protect us from tyranny. In other words, for most Americans, it's all about FREEDOM.
  • Pres. Obama and his staff have been widely criticized for using children as a prop at Wednesday's gun control press conference. The Left has a long history of using children as political props. In fact, the NY Post is reporting today the union behind the school bus strike decided to use a despicable scare tactic themselves by using children. A new ad depicts photos of mangled buses and children in wheelchairs and neck braces.  In fact, the union used generic photos of damaged school buses during Hurricane Katrina.
  • I really don't have much interest in this Manti Te'o controversy with one exception. Once again, the case shows as I and many have been reporting, that real journalism is dead. With regard to this story, Bill Reader of Ohio University wrote this: "Reporters should have done some minimum level of diligence." The fact is, as evidenced by the likes of MSNBC and other alphabet networks, due diligence is rarely done.

  • I don't have much interest in the Lance Armstrong controversy either considering we've all be hammered by lying, high profile jerks for many years now. In just the last 2 decades, we've witnessed the downfall and redemption (in some cases) of people like Bill Clinton, Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart, Mike Vick, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarznegger, Pete Rose (who should be in the Hall of Fame. What he did pales in comparison to what a prick like Mike Vick did), Edwards, and a host of others.