Friday, January 11, 2013

Polarization: Obama's Strategy?; Judge Napolitano Correct RE: The Second Amendment; ObamaCare's Hidden Fees + Taxes Hurt The Middle Class

Walgreens Manager Certain Dead Father Would Have Been Proud Of His Crest Toothpaste Display...The Onion

  • Questions continue to be raised whether Pres. Obama is one of the most polarizing presidents in American history. A recent Gallup Poll reinforced that claim. His plan to "unify  a divided nation" never happened. Perhaps this was no more in evidence than during the last campaign. The president's campaign and  surrogatesconsistently kept throwing out the proverbial race, class and faith cards. This is a president who has not only taunted Republicans, but he also taunted---some would say "insulted"---the Supreme Court on national television during his 2010 State of the Union speech. In fact, even Bob Woodward in his most recent book about Obama (The Price of Politics), he reported that Obama distances himself from even many Democrats let alone leading Republicans (with whom he rarely engages). In fact, in reading between the lines, Obama is actually portrayed as a jerk. The book, as expected, got little coverage by the presstitute media.
  • This is also an administration that wanted to hold the trials for the 9/11 terrorists in downtown NYC, just blocks from Ground Zero. This is the same administration that blamed a movie for the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. And now, this is the administration that is taking on the Second Amendment. All of these and more are evidence of an administration  whose strategy is one of polarizing the nation.
  • Yet the presstitutes and Hollywood will continue to try to portray Pres. Obama as "Lincolnesque."
  • US Airways announced 450 vacancies. Over 16,000 applied for those positions. Boomberg News

  • Judge Napoltano wrote an excellent piece regarding the debate about the Second Amendment and gun rights. In his piece, "The Right To Shoot Tyrants, Not Deer," he correctly points out that the right of people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self defense. 
  • If you want some idea how Pres. Obama feels about the Second Amendment, this report says it all. As Senator from ILL, he opposed legislation allowing a citizen to protect him/herself with a legal handgun in THEIR OWN HOME. White House Dossier
  • Several posts ago, I reported on how many of the wealthy who supported raising taxes on us actually diverted paying taxes themselves. National Review reported on yet another hypocrite. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said increasing taxes on the wealthy is "appropriate." He said this as NYC provided Goldman  $1.6B in tax-FREE financing. 

  • As reported here on several occasion, ObamaCare has many hidden fees and taxes, fees and taxes that will hurt the middle class. The most notorious fees are on medical devices. In fact, several major medical device companies already announced layoffs in the thousands. The additional 2.3% tax will even raise the cost of braces for children by almost $200 (braces cost in the $7000 range). Americans for Tax Reform