Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who Is The Biggest Liar In History?; LiesStrong; Obama To Announce 19 Executive Orders On Gun Control; Mayor Bloomberg: America's Little Dictator; Obama Leading From Behind

Pres. Obama recently came under fire for lack of diversity in his administration.  Then Obama said, "You guys know I'll be there too, right?"...Fallon

  • The NY Post had an interesting voter poll today. It listed about 10 popular names of well-known liars. Voters were asked who they think is the biggest liar in history (readers can cast their ballots on line). Some of those listed included: Richard Nixon, Bernie Madoff, Tawana Brawley (they skipped Al Sharpton), Milli Vinilli, Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong and Pinocchio. Pres. Obama was not listed.  That's right. Obama just changed positions. It was Bush who lied. My bad.

  • Cover of the NY Post today has a yellow "Livestrong" bracelet. But instead of Livestrong," their bracelet says: "Liesstrong."
  • It was just announced that Pres. Obama will unveil 19 executive orders on gun control tomorrow (NY Times). 19 executive orders? I wonder how many, if any, will by-pass the Constitution? I ask this question because that blooming idiot, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, urged Obama to by-pass Congress. Then again, this should surprise no one since it comes from America's little dictator.
  • But why should this surprise anyone when, yet again at his news conference yesterday, he said he simply will not negotiate with Republicans on the issue of the debt ceiling.  Then a few minutes later, he said he wants a "balance approach." Okay, Mr. President.

  • Some months ago, I reported right in this blog the country to watch is Mali. Reports were coming in at the time that al-Qaeda was setting up bases in Mali. This week, of all countries,   France decided to take action.  Yesterday, French aircraft carried out air strikes against al-Qaeda bases in that country. Obama's strategy was to train Malian military commandos. There was one slight problem. It didn't work according to the French. The people we trained switched sides and are now fighting with al-Qaeda according to the NY Times.  In the meantime, Britain announced it would also provide air assets to strike al-Qaeda camps. Obama, once again, is leading from behind
  • Remember the now famous clip of the woman who said she will vote for Obama because she received a free cell phone? Well, according to Drudge and Prison Planet (on YouTube); she said she will not vote for him again. Does she know something we don't about Obama running for prez again?
  • The Obama administration missed the deadline to submit a budget...again. Oh yeah, it's required by law. 
  • Yesterday, Pres. Obama declared that anyone who knows him, knows he's a "pretty friendly guy." Yo, that's not what Bob Woodward reported in his last book---The Price of Politics---on Obama. You probably never heard of the book since it was had some negative pieces about Obama, but if it had been about Bush, well then...