Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is America Resilient Enough To Withstand A 1000 Cuts?

Obama Supporter Has Perfectly Improbable explanation Absolving President For Blame For Scandals...The Onion

  • Is American resilient enough to withstand a 1000 cuts? I asked myself that question after reading a piece by Thomas Sowell today {"Gov't Surveillance + The Loss Of Trust"}. He wrote: "When Barack Obama squanders his own credibility with his glib lies, his is not just injuring himself during his time in office. He is inflicting a lasting wound on the country as a whole." But Sowell also continued with this: "But we the voters are not blameless. Having chosen an untested man to be president, on the basis of rhetoric, style, and symbolism, we have ourselves to blame..."
  • I happen to believe we are remarkably resilient as a nation even in the face of an incompetent government administration as evidenced by a truly dreadful and appalling track record in the last five years. After all, we are a nation that survived the Civil War. We're a nation that survived a horrific depression. We're a nation that survived WWII. We're a nation that survived the Cold War. These are just a few examples of our robust endurance in the face of unimaginable challenges. So I believe we will be able to withstand even the assaults by this administration (including many in Congress)  on our freedoms and liberties.
  • But I'm writing this now, at this point in our history. We still have several more years to endure these muggings. In just the last four years, we've experienced a miserable economy, a failed foreign policy and now even attacks on the principles most Americans value so highly. I'm still optimistic because our nation's history reinforces that confidence. I just hope I can say the same thing four years from now.