Saturday, July 20, 2013

Al Sharpton: Race Baiting For Dollars

"Al Sharpton attacked Pres. Bush saying he ruined the economy. For instance, Al Sharpton has been unable to find a job for 46 years." C. Kilborn

  • I normally take a break from writing on weekends but I felt compelled to write about Al Sharpton considering the "Justice For Travon" protests occurring across the country today. But this piece is about the "Reverend" Al not Travon or Zimmerman. I'll let the presstitute media continue with their dishonest narrative regarding that case.
  • Al Sharpton is a thug of the worst kind. He's succeeded in manipulating the media, the low information voters, the useful idiots and even many good people for over three decades. In fact, twenty years ago, he bragged out how he was able to manipulate the media through his grandstanding marches and protests (Breitbart Video: "Sharpton Explains How He Manipulates Media On Race Case,s," March 30, 2012).
  • But Sharpton is also a hypocrite of the highest order. As his minions demonstrate and march, he stays in $1000 hotel rooms (Washington Post). In 2009, while he was hosting a conference, the Peabody Hotel in Memphis charged Sharpton and company owed the hotel almost $90,000 (Village Voice). Today Jonah Goldberg, National Review, wrote that Sharpton likes to hang around the exclusive Grand Havana Room, a cigar bar, in a penthouse in NYC. Goldberg also points out when Sharpton lost a defamation suit but claimed he didn't have the financials resources to pay the debt, he was asked then how can he afford such expensive suits. He replied he didn't own the suits but was granted "access" to those suits.
  • Sharpton is the same guy who met with Pres. Obama in the White House to talk about plans on taxing the rich more when he still owed the IRS approximately $2.6 million in back taxes (NY Post). In fact, the same article points out the feds a dozen liens against Sharpton's groups including one for almost $600 grand in 2010. In fact, in 1993, he pleaded to a misdemeanor tax crime to avoid felony tax charges.

  • Sharpton's actions regarding the post-Zimmerman case, come on the heels of the Tawana Brawley hoax in 1987, the young African-American girl who said she had been raped by six white men. He was successfully sued for defamation in that case. In other words, it was found he was a ring leader of that hoax.

  • In 1991, in Crown Heights, NY, a Jewish man accidentally ran over a black child who died at the scene of the accident. Sharpton led marches during the race riots that followed. That was when he infamously referred to the "diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights." During those riots, Jews were beaten and one man, Yankel Rosenbaum, was stabbed to death.
  • There was the Duke Lacrosse Case---similar to the Brawley hoax---where a black stripper accused some lacrosse players of rape at a party. Sharpton charged the Duke players with racism. Like the Brawley case, the Duke incident also proved to be a hoax.
  • Sharpton has proved time and again to be a race-baiting charlatan who has a knack for riling up people while "cashing in on his access," as Goldberg stated so well in his piece. Even MSNBC, one of the nation's top presstitute networks, employs this thug as a host.
  • Decades ago, a creep like Sharpton would be shunned. Yet today, he has access to the upper echelons of society as evidenced by his $1000 suits and fine Arturo Fuente cigars. He remains a societal and political disgrace but you wouldn't know it by the way our society treats him.
Postscript: The New York Post reported in early August of 2014 that Sharpton owes NY State $806,000 and has federal liens for unpaid personal incomes taxes against him totaling $2.6 million. In addition, his communication's company owes almost $500 grand to the state. He still has an outstanding balance of $208,000 for improperly taking campaign money during his 2004 presidential bid. In other words, he's getting away with it.