Friday, July 12, 2013

The Media's Shameful Behavior Continues Re: The George Zimmerman Trial

"Report: 89% Of Americans Just Want To Go Home Right Now." The Onion

  • Between us---I'm sick of hearing about this Zimmerman trial especially after the media hardly mentioned anything about the 55 people that were shot in Chicago over the July 4th weekend. The news of those shootings were generally specific to the Chicago media.
  • And it was just a few months ago when the mainstream media---whom I like to refer to as the presstitutes---had to be shamed into reporting about the Gosnell abortion murder trial in Philadelphia. The same can be said about initial reporting on Benghazi and Fast and Furious.
  • We witnessed similar shameful behavior by the media immediately following the Boston Marathon bombings when many media outlets immediately speculated these guys were "lone wolves." No such terrorist animal exists. Or that knucklehead on MSNBC, Chris Mathews, who actually theorized the bombings had something to do with tax day. In addition, many in the media speculated the bombings might have been the work of some "right-wing" fanatics.
  • Not too long ago, I posted a piece entitled, "The Presstitute Media's First Response Is To Shadow Box Against The Truth." I pointed out the main stream media's erroneous wishful thinking is often to immediately blame the right for acts of violence.
  • So what does all of this have to do with the Zimmerman case? A lot. We've witnessed the obsession with this case mushroom to an international story when it's really a local story and should have remained a local story. Unfortunately incidents like this one are not isolated occurrences. Moreover, how often are incidents of black-on-white crime reported and turned into international stories? Rarely. Even more disturbing is the incidence of black-on-black crimes that is reported locally but rarely becomes a narrative that SHOULD be discussed considering the prevalence is so high. The media showdown   boxes against the truth with these events. In other words, they have no cajones for fear of being called racists by the politically correct cowards.

  • As disturbing as the media's behavior is so was Pres. Obama's. He interjected himself (as he's done in the past with other events---recall the "beer summit") into this story when he empathized with the Martin family and called for a national "soul searching." He followed that with the erroneous statement, "If I had a son, he'd look like Travon."  In other words, Pres. Obama elevated the case to a race issue.
  • But it didn't stop with the president. The usual race hustlers like Al Sharpton took it upon themselves to also pull out the too-often used race card. Even CNN to this day refers to Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic." That's as absurd as referring to Pres. Obama as a "white African-American."

  • And how absurd is this media hysteria regarding the Zimmerman case? Even Jon Stewart mocked their behavior several months ago. It's also dangerous as evidenced by wanted posters of Zimmerman as put out by the New Black Panther thugs
  • We are now hearing reports by the media and others that there might be race riots depending on verdict's outcome. More "generated" hysteria and also dangerous.
  • As I also wrote some months ago, the media's job is to be the guardians of liberty and freedom not the guardians of nonsense and gibberish. It's also why they deserve the moniker: Presstitutes.