Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Obama Administration's First Impulse Is To Lie

"Good News: Obama has found a successor to Susan Rice and it's another photogenic incompetent liar." Tweet by David Burge

Note: Since this was posted a few months ago, we now have more proof the Obama administration and its surrogates are stone-cold liars.
  • I've often said one of the most outrageous lies by politicians was to Native Americans when they asked them to "Trust us" before herding them into reservations.
  • Why has it been this administration's first impulse to lie when questioned about certain events and incidents? Don't get me wrong. We know most politicians---on the left, center and right---lie (How can anyone forget Pres. Clinton staring into the camera and telling America, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman.?). Their record of lies is immeasurable. But this administration has taken lying to a level perhaps not seen in a long time.
  • We've seen this exhibited time and again with the scandals surrounding Benghazi, the IRS and the NSA. We've certainly witnessed it with ObamaCare. The lies surrounding that legislation have been specific to many of the promises made by the president himself (from telling Americans they will be able to keep their doctor under ObamaCare---even HHS was forced to admit last week Americans might NOT be able to keep their same doctors) to the promises that ObamaCare will hold down the "cost" curve (If you have a moment you can read my June 20, 2013 piece entitled, ObamaCare Sticker Shock. It clearly shows costs---in most cases---will rise and already have risen).

  • Yesterday, the president began his long series of long speeches about the economy. The speech was reminiscent of "Groundhog Day." He hit familiar themes like balancing the budget, the deficit and bringing jobs back to America. But there were conspicuous pieces missing like: how will he do it?
  • But just as disturbing was his proclamation that America has fought its way back? Is that right? That was said on the same day The Washington Times reported for every job created, two more people were added to the food stamp rolls. Since Obama took office, 16 million more Americans are receiving food stamps. Today's unemployment rate shows that last week's first time unemployment claims rose yet again. Of course, unemployment still remains well over 7% while black unemployment rose to 13.7% in June. And it must be noted the real unemployment rate---including those underemployed---is just over 14% or double the unemployment rate that the administration likes to tout as improving. Black youth unemployment in many parts of the country exceeds 40%---higher numbers than we see in most of the Euro countries who are dealing with their own high rates of unemployment.
  • Are there some signs the economy is improving? There are but the gains, to date, have been modest.  For example, according to the Feds, manufacturing expanded in many parts of the nation. In addition, there's been some growth in consumer spending and growth in retail sales. And we're seeing a rebound in housing sales. All of these are good but high unemployment will continue to be a drag on the economy.
  • As a sidebar, several weeks ago, I wrote a piece declaring the NY City Mayoral race will go down as one big dick joke. With the new revelations about Weiner this week, it appears I was right.
 Postscript: Since this was posted, Gruber proved my point. In addition, the lies regarding foreign policy are countless.