Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swords Into Ploughshares by...Putin? Really? Russia Now Running Our Foreign Policy Too?

"Putin: Check. Obama: Uhmmmm. Syria: Checkmate. Whole World Now Laughing At Us." Tweet by John Nolte today

  • This sudden development with Russia appearing to help bail out Pres. Obama reminds me of a scene in "Saturday Night Fever." John Travolta and his dance partner just completed a dance in a competition. Now the Puerto Rican dancers were on stage. Travolta knew immediately they were having a better performance. So did most of the other dancers watching. Yet, Travolta's entourage continued their usual delusional enabling, trying to convince themselves that Travolta  gave a better performance.
  • That's what is currently happening right now with Syria. Putin came to the dance to win. Obama thought he would win the dance with just his charm. Obama's entourage are now trying to convince the nation and the world, he really won the dance. He knows he didn't. So does the rest of the world.
  • Today, even the NY Times came to its senses (They really had no choice. This was a FUBAR from day one). They started their piece {"Russian Proposal Could Offer Obama Escape From Bind"} with this: "President Obama woke up Monday facing a Congressional defeat that many in both parties believed could hobble his presidency. And, by the end of the day, he found himself in the odd position of relying on his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to bail his out." Or, as the Weekly Standard put it today, Putin didn't save Obama---he beat him.
  • And today, USA TODAY and others are reporting that Syria accepted the Russian initiative. Note the language used: the Russian initiative. So now, it appears Putin is running our foreign policy.
  • Remember, all of this comes on the heels of the Obama administration, John F. Kerry, and others banging the war drums because chemical weapons killed innocent people---especially children (even though almost 100,000 Syrians were killed in the last two years, many of those were children too). So let me see if I understand this. If Syria, Russia and the United States do come to some type of agreement on those chemical weapons, the fact that the reason for attacking Syria---the children murdered---is now suddenly moot?
  • And coming over the wires now is a report from the Boston.com that the U.S. is warning of North Korea's chemical weapon threat. Well, at least Obama can draw another red line or he can give Dennis Rodman some more time to negotiate with Kim Jong Un.

Since this was posted, Putin outflanked Obama again in Syria.